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And now, more machinations. Rob tells Roger that Daniel is campaigning to get him out, but Rob insists that he isn't in on it himself. Then he turns around and tells Daniel that Roger is getting booted this evening, so there's nothing to worry about. Then he tells us that as long as other people are fighting with each other, that's good for him. And I think he has a point. Daniel, meanwhile, gives us an interview in which he repeats Rob's theory that Rob will only vote out Roger if the numbers are there to get it done. Daniel, therefore, goes to Alex and tries to solidify the anti-Roger coalition. Alex appears noncommittal. Dave interviews that the intrigue over Alex's waffling is making him nervous about Alex. We then see Alex and Roger in what is actually a pretty funny sendup of the way they imagine Peachy announcing the votes -- one for Roger! One for Dan! One for Roger! One for Dan! That's two votes Roger, two votes Dan! And so on. Funny.

The guys boat it to Tribal Council under a full moon. We see the menacing alligator-head prop awaiting their arrival. They all sit down, as the Flute of Fury plays its ominous lullaby. Peachy asks them how they're feeling, and Rob basically says, "We're at Tribal Council, prick, how do you think we feel?" But he says it a little nicer. Dave returns to his favorite theme, which is that "eight guys certainly don't like to lose against eight girls." Not that there were eight guys or eight girls this week. He insists that they can come back. It has just occurred to me that he looks like Brad Pitt's younger, shorter cousin. Peachy asks Roger whether he feels like Bobby Riggs against Billie Jean King, "letting down an entire gender." Roger squirms and says that the fellas did what they could, and they got beat fair and square. Li'l Pitt stares at the ground unhappily. Oh, cheer up, Li'l Pitt! Now Peachy moves to the quantify-your-hunger round. On a scale of 1 to 10, Matthew is an 8, and is having trouble eating the mancakes at this point. Alex is an 8 or a 9. Peachy asks Daniel how many hours a day they fish. Daniel says a couple of hours. In response to this, Peachy asks how many hours of daylight there are. Daniel says there are about ten. Peachy asks Roger whether he fished at all that day. Roger says no, he's "not a fisherman." Well, God forbid you should change your habits just because you've been deposited in the middle of a rain forest, there, Roger. Matt says that he, on the other hand, did fish that day for about an hour. Challenged, Matt agrees with Peachy that they could be spending more time fishing. The producers barely refrain from sending in a monkey with a sign around its neck reading, "LESS BOOB TALK, MORE FISHING. YOU'RE GOING TO STARVE, YOU MORONS."

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