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Peachy moves to the topic of friendships. Daniel is asked whether he has bonds with anyone, and he explains the whole Matthew thing, and how they bonded because they speak a secret language. Way to go on the "secret" part, there, James Bond. At the mention that he speaks Chinese, Matthew's face visibly falls from a smile to a petrified glare. He's like, "Ix-nay on the Inese-chay!" But it's too late; he's been branded a schemer. Actually, I suspect he's overreacting -- the other guys may well just think of it in terms of the two of them bonding over being able to speak the same language. I don't know if they'll draw big alliance conclusions from that. Daniel then moves into a routine about how he's "one Asian guy against seven other white guys." Roger looks amused and disgusted. Everyone else looks skeptical. "I stand out from the rest, and sometimes that makes me an outcast." Rob speaks up: "That is completely false. I don't think that for one second anyone said that we're going to treat Daniel any differently because his relatives are from a different country than our relatives...Everybody's different, and that's what makes us unique," Rob observes, surprisingly cogently. He loses a point for redundancy, but not a bad showing, for a putz. Roger is questioned by Peachy about his problems with Daniel, and says that for him, the recent frustration is over the whole refusing-to-get-water issue. Daniel counters that Roger has been "barking orders like a drill sergeant." You know, I find Roger's personality very distasteful in several ways, but he certainly hasn't been barking out orders any time recently, and when he asked Daniel to get the water, he didn't bark an order. My attitude is generally that if you won't take any initiative to do anything, and you're offended by having anyone ask you to do anything unless they approach you like they're asking for a favor -- which asking you to do your share is not -- you're not going to live very long in the jungle. At any rate, Daniel continues to complain about Roger's failure to "ask nicely." Peachy cleverly notes that Daniel and Roger will probably never be friends. Very perceptive, Peachy. Did you go to school for that?

Voting time. Daniel is first to vote. To no one's surprise, he votes for Roger. "You've been here six days too long," he intones seriously. Dave votes. Roger votes for Daniel. "You're out of your element, and you have not been a team player," he says. Butch votes. Rob votes. Matthew votes. Alex votes. Peachy goes off to count up the many, many votes and do the complex math. When he returns, it's time for vote counting. First vote goes to Daniel. Next vote goes to Roger. Next vote goes to Daniel. Next vote also goes to Daniel. Next vote also goes to Daniel. And that's gonna do it. Daniel takes his torch to Peachy, and he gets the big snuff. This part of the show always makes me laugh. It amazes me that they continue to get away with that unbelievably cheesy routine. Phil doesn't do anything nearly this cheesy-dramatic, and he still occasionally has to contend with contestants who laugh in his face. "The tribe has spoken." Snuff. Daniel gives a wave and saunters out of camp. Peachy reminds the men that they've lost four out of five challenges, and then he offers the following pearl of wisdom: "I think you guys know what you need to do; you just need to go do it." Thank you, Peachy. You've changed my life. The chanting rises on the soundtrack, and the members of this sorry group leave in slo-mo.

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