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Anyway, Deena reluctantly agrees to be the leader, after clarifying that all she intends to take on is an organizational function of delegating tasks. She interviews that she knows perfectly well that a strong leadership position isn't something that's good for her strategically. The problem, of course, is that once you've been put up for it, if you refuse to do it, that could make things just as bad for you as taking the position would be. As the team talks, Heidi notes that it's remarkable that they're living in squalor and yet leading 2-1 in the challenges. In an interview, Heidi tries to polish the misery a bit by insisting that the group is really good at pulling together when it really matters. Which isn't, I guess, in the area of building, cleaning, or general camp maintenance, because they certainly don't seem to be pulling together for those particular purposes. I don't want to give anything away from later in the show, but I think she might be referring to their ability to help rub each other with sponges. Just a guess. She adds, among other things, that the group is good when it comes time to say "Hey what." I actually never say "hey what," and I've gotten by until now, so I'm not sure that's such a huge issue. Although perhaps my failure to say "hey what" explains whatever difficulties I've encountered until now. For the benefit of those of you who haven't seen any of CBS's very subtle marketing campaigns for this show, Heidi then talks about how it's "battle of the sexes." Thanks, Heidi! She is so helpful. Oh, where would I be without her? The women close their half-assed meeting with a half-assed cheer. It's pretty much "Jaburu, Jaburu, Jaburu, meh."

We swoop in over the water and up to a beach which is home to the reward challenge. Tambaqui and Jaburu gather on their mats to listen to Peachy's latest boring speech. He first points out that this is the part where the boys get to see who got booted from the girls' tribe at the last council. I'm sure they're shocked that it was Janet, given the long lifespan older women have generally had on this show. I can't help wondering what the sexual politics are of the fact that many of the guys are standing with their arms folded and many of the girls have their hands on their hips. You never know what training recapping will require: I think today I wish I were a cultural anthropologist. Anyway, Peachy explains that the challenge will "test [their] ability to keep track of a large number of items." Wow, just like me trying to leave for work in the morning. As Peachy explains the game, there are thirty-five pairs of items that match, and each person has five items. You take turns asking other people whether they have something you have, and if they do, then you take your item, you go grab their item, you turn in the pair up at Peachy's table, and then those matched items are out of play. Incidentally, he specifies that you can ask somebody from either tribe. Every time you get a match, you score a point. So the idea is to guess (or figure out) something that somebody else has that you also have. That's how you get points. Make sense? It's kind of like Go Fish, but stupider and longer, and without cards. And what is the reward? Well, it's a gift pack from the Burnett version of Bath & Body Works. Soap, shampoo, deodorant, nail clippers, toothpaste, toothbrush, and so forth. These are also the items, incidentally, that are in play in the game. Of course, this personal hygiene reward certainly seems to be aimed at the women, considering that these don't appear to be guys with any particular concerns about deodorant or soap, but I guess they could use the tweezers for emergency Magic 8-Ball repairs.

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