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All That Glitters

Jill calmly explains that everyone on the tribe is a leader back home, which can make working together as a team difficult, so they defer to Jimmy Johnson because he's "the most accomplished leader" on the tribe. I don't know ... I think an ER doctor is probably more accomplished considering that her leadership decisions save lives, like, every day. Tyrone the fire captain, too. And yet, both of them seem to be secure enough in their abilities to take a backseat and let all the insecure crazy people take over. Probst asks Jimmy Johnson if his "biggest contribution" to his tribe is as the challenge strategist. Jimmy Johnson is quick not to take credit for that, which is a good idea since Espada has a 66% challenge loss rate thus far. He says he catches fish back at camp and gives his all in challenges. Even though Jimmy Johnson just said he's not really the leader, Probst is obsessed with that being Jimmy Johnson's role on this show, and asks Holly to give examples of Jimmy Johnson's mad leadership skills. Holly says Jimmy Johnson calls them together for team meetings and tries to boost their morale.

Probst asks Jimmy T. why he seemed to "light up" when Holly started talking. All I saw Jimmy T. do was raise his eyebrows, but ok. Jimmy T. says he just wanted to hear Holly's answer. Probst doesn't seem to believe him, and asks how he and Jimmy Johnson are getting along. Jimmy T. says he doesn't really know Jimmy Johnson very well, since they haven't ever really sat down and talked. Probst doesn't understand how this could be, saying that Jimmy Johnson's celebrity status alone should have made Jimmy T. want to talk to him. Really? Maybe Jimmy T. isn't a celebrity kiss-ass like you are, Probst. Some people aren't. I was at a Survivor finale party a few years back with Jimmy Johnson and I had no particular desire to talk to him. Jimmy T. says he's a "big football fan" and has Patriots season tickets. Then he starts talking about how Jimmy Johnson might be threatened by Jimmy T.'s own leadership abilities. The rest of the tribe basically laughs at Jimmy T. as he says all of this, Tyrone being the most obvious. Probst calls him out, and Tyrone doesn't really know what to say, as he finds it "baffling" that Jimmy T. could think Jimmy Johnson was threatened by him. Jimmy Johnson says that he is not threatened by the fishing boat captain and thought he had a "great relationship" with him, if not particularly close.

Probst turns back to Jill and asks her if Espada's two losses will weigh on her mind in tonight's vote. Jill says they will, especially since they're up against a young, strong tribe and will need to keep their tribe as strong as possible. "Dan, what about you is strong?" Probst then asks. That was kind of mean. Dan says he's "average" when compared to his tribemates. Probst hates Dan and wants him to go instead of Jimmy Johnson really bad, so he asks Jill if she agrees with him. Jill admits that Dan's age has been showing around camp, so she does worry that he won't be able to give them what they need in a challenge. Probst asks Jane to elaborate on Dan's crappiness. Jane points out that Dan has a scar on his knee from some kind of knee surgery, so that could make it harder for him to move. Dan says he knows he's being watched and evaluated, but he's still willing and able to do whatever the tribes needs, and if not, he'll be voted out.

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