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All That Glitters

Oh, and then we watched a volcano for like ten minutes.

Back to La Flor! Jud blows on their fire and gets a face full of smoke, then stands up looking more out of it than usual. He says he feels "spaced out" and "tingly." How is Jud still not able to start that fire without getting a face full of smoke? I don't recall this kind of thing happening to anyone else with such regularity. His tribemates laugh and enjoy Jud's stupidity, and he interviews that part of his strategy in this game is to make people laugh, but "it goes deeper" than that. Just as he's about to explain what the deeper part is, he gets pinched by a hermit crab. Wow, it's kind of amazing that people like Jud are real. He continues, hermit-crab-free, that he wants to be kept around for his "mentality" and his "spirit." "Whatever you wanna call it," he says, obviously unable to figure out what, exactly, you should call whatever he's talking about. Can we please stop casting people who have never watched this show before now? I mean, Jud doesn't even realize that this isn't a popularity contest. He thinks people will keep him around because he's funny and has a good spirit or whatever. The fact that NaOnka is still there more than proves that this is wrong. Speaking of NaOnka, she has yet another pleasant interview where she says she can't stand Jud and hated him since the first time she saw him. "His hair got on my nerves!" she says. Also, she continues, he's stupid. And while nothing she's said so far is wrong, she still manages to say it in such a hateful and obnoxious way that you want to disagree with her just because.

Let's head back to Espada. It's raining there, and I'll bet they wish they chose that tarp over the fishing supplies now. The tribe eats, and Marty says he has an announcement. Cut to Jill smiling knowingly and sitting back to watch what she basically engineered unfold. Marty holds up his idol, and everyone starts applauding him for some reason. He says he's planning to use it after the merge to strengthen their tribe's position, and Jimmy T. immediately comes forward saying that this will really help them all out and his hat is off to Marty. He leads the group in a second round of applause. Wow, I guess Jill was right. She can read these people like a book. Which isn't easy since they're all insane.

Jimmy T. interviews that he really thinks Marty is a nice guy with the best interests of the tribe at heart for telling them about the idol. Hey, are Jimmy T.'s teeth real? They're either dentures or those giant veneers, right? Something about them just doesn't look right, and it's becoming distracting. Jill speaks up to say that if they merge with five people on each tribe, then Marty's idol will really give them an advantage. Way to ignore the possibility that the other tribe has its own idol, Jill. Or maybe Jill's just figuring that the people on La Flor are all too stupid to figure out the clue. Which, come to think of it, is probably correct. Jill interviews that everyone in the tribe loves Marty now, which she thinks will help her. Tyrone, meanwhile, interviews that he thinks Marty only showed everyone the idol to score points and will still only use it for himself. "Marty's shady," he says. And you know he's right about that when Jimmy T., who is crazy, not particularly intelligent, and a poor judge of character, says that Marty sacrificed something that could help him individually to help the entire tribe. Marty then interviews that he had to reveal the idol because people were going to figure out he had it anyway, plus now he gets to look like he revealed it on purpose. Way to act like that was all your idea and not Jill's, Marty. Although I have a feeling that Jill set this up so well that Marty truly thinks that he and he alone figured out the clue, found the idol, and decided to show it to the tribe.

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