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Meanwhile, the tribe must explain what just happened and why to clueless Jud, who still fails to see why someone would smush their bananas for an idol clue. Kelly B., of course, is quick to assume the role of the wronged victim so as to make NaOnka look as horrible as possible. What was so great about this was that the producers also clearly hate NaOnka, and on the CBS site there are clips of interviews about what just happened with titles like "NaOnka is out of control" and "NaOnka is crazy." Like, they are not even trying to show us any of her good qualities, which I have to assume she has at least one of. They also pose her in her interviews in really unflattering ways. I love it. Kelly B. says that NaOnka "pummeled" her in order to get the clue, and then went off by herself afterwards, presumably to look for the idol.

This certainly does suck for Kelly B. and Alina, who were counting on that idol to keep them alive in this game. Why don't they just follow NaOnka, then? Then they can wait for her to find the idol and wrestle with her to try to get it away from her. I know the thought of being near her is not a pleasant one, but you can't just let her wander off and find the idol you desperately need. While the men at camp mutter to themselves about how NaOnka's behavior was unbelievable and "completely uncalled for," NaOnka whips the clue out its hiding spot in her bikini (CLASSY!) and reads it. But instead of telling us about that, she goes off on another rant about Kelly B., saying that she's sure she's making it seem like NaOnka pushed her out of nowhere to the tribemates but she doesn't care. NaOnka says she can and will fight Kelly B. for an immunity idol clue again if necessary, adding that next time she'll push Kelly B. so hard that her "damn leg'll fly off." Oh, man. It's like, just when you really think NaOnka can't be any more hateful, she tops herself! I can't wait for next week when she strangles a puppy and sets a baby on fire. And then interviews about how they deserved it.

Anyway, NaOnka reads the clue she worked so damn hard for. She takes one look at it and decides it's going to take her "forever" to figure it out. So she goes back into an interview to talk some more about how much she hates Kelly B. She says she got "hood" on her, snapping her finger to really drive the point home. She then educates us on the difference between "getting hood" and "getting ghetto" on someone, saying that if she had become ghetto on Kelly B., then she would have said "girl you know I had to whoop that and I had to get that girl you tripping girl! Uh uh girl!" That definitely clears it up.

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