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All That Glitters

Marty finally interrupts him to say that Tyrone did well at first, but then struggled. Tyrone tries to defend himself, saying the barrels got harder to hit as they became further away. Jimmy Johnson interrupts him to say that Tyrone was their "number one" guy, and he replaced him with Jimmy T. "for a few shots" when Tyrone needed a break. Jimmy Johnson, nothing you are saying right now is going to make Jimmy T. feel better. He just told you that he has a ginormous ego. Start stroking it, or be prepared to listen to him ramble on and on for hours. Jimmy T. lectures Tyrone on not being a team player, saying that he had a "long cold streak" and took a while to obey Jimmy Johnson's orders and let Jimmy T. take over.

Tyrone interrupts him to say that he was being a team player by doing what he thought would help the team win. Tyrone interviews that he wanted to win, while some other people seemed to think it was important that everyone have a chance to "touch the ball." I love you, Tyrone, but that's not what they're saying. And your argument would hold more weight if Jimmy T. hadn't made a barrel on his first attempt, thus demonstrating that he, too, was capable of throwing a sandbag and might have even done it better than Tyrone did. Indeed, when Tyrone starts telling his tribe that "this isn't Little League," Jimmy Johnson steps in and says that he thought it was a "good move" to take Tyrone out and put Jimmy T. in. Tyrone says something about how they should have "planned it out better." I think Tyrone's idea of a better plan just has him doing everything because he doesn't trust anyone else on his tribe. Marty interviews that he enjoyed watched things get tense on his tribe and he's looking forward to Tribal Council, when he thinks his tribemates will finally start to play this game.

Marty and Jimmy Johnson talk. I'm not sure what about -- I think Jimmy Johnson is trying to tell Marty how to win this game? As if Marty doesn't think he already knows? Anyway, he soon brings up Dan and how much trouble he seems to be having. Marty agrees, but then interviews that he thinks Jimmy Johnson is "full of it" and he doesn't believe that he's not in this game to win. Thus, he says, he wants to get rid of Jimmy Johnson so that his tribemates will either "shake and crumble" or recognize that Marty is their true leader. Yes, because one thing you definitely want when you're on a tribe of "old" people and the younger tribe has a Medallion and better odds to win is a bunch of tribemates who are shaking and crumbling. Good idea, Marty.

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