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All That Glitters

Marty takes a walk with Jill and tells her he wants Jimmy Johnson out. "Whatever. I don't care. Whatever you guys decide is fine," Jill says. Marty would like to see some backbone from her, but she says that as long as Dan, Jimmy Johnson, or Holly go home tonight, she doesn't care, figuring they'll all go eventually and it's just up to Marty to figure out the order. Marty says he thinks Jimmy Johnson is much more of a threat than Holly or Dan and therefore should be the first to go. Why is he arguing with Jill? She said she'd vote for Jimmy Johnson. Drop it already! "You just come to me and tell me what to do," Jill says. Yes, let Marty think he's the one telling you what to do, Jill. Stroke his ego. And when he least suspects it, CRUSH HIM! Jill interviews that she doesn't really agree with Marty that Jimmy Johnson is especially dangerous and would actually rather see Dan go tonight because he's the weakest, but she'll go along with whatever Marty wants. "You're the puppet master," she tells him.

Marty then goes up to Dan to convince him to vote out Jimmy Johnson. "Can you imagine what your friends in Manhattan would say when you've blind-sided Jimmy Johnson?" is his argument. First of all, Dan told us he's from Brooklyn. Brooklyn is not Manhattan. Second of all, they'd probably say "that was dumb. Now you stand out as the old rundown guy even more, plus it would have been cool to hang out with Jimmy Johnson for as long as possible." But it seems to work for Dan, who says he's "solid" with Marty and believes he's in much better shape than Jimmy Johnson, which I don't know is necessarily true. Jimmy Johnson is older, but he's been pretty solid in the challenges. Dan, on the other hand, has trouble sitting up.

Marty heads over to Jimmy T. and asks for his thoughts on tonight's vote. "Got any suggestions?" Jimmy T. says. Some leader he is. Marty won't say Jimmy Johnson's name either, but each man knows who the other is talking about. Jimmy T. says he's fine with getting rid of Jimmy Johnson since "he was never a big Jimmy T. fan." Marty interviews: "there's people that are definitely smart..." Cut to a shot of Jimmy T. "... actually, not that many." Ha ha ha! The editors are kind of awesome this season. They hate almost everyone and will stop at nothing to show us why. Marty then says that he's the one with the brilliant strategy, and voting Jimmy Johnson out will "shake the tribe to its core." Now he just has to make sure he has enough tribemates on board with it. He says he has Dan, Jimmy T., and Jill ("she totally defers to me," he says. We'll see.) on his side, but some of the women will be tougher to convince because they seem to adore Jimmy Johnson.

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