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Making a Move

Probst talks to all three of them, but wants Vytas to talk some more about his relationship with Aras because we haven't heard enough about THAT. Vytas says that he and Aras were both voted out because they are threats, and that when they get home, they will be closer because of this shared experience. Vytas leaves with his parting thoughts: "Namaste, bitches!" I think Vytas might have a ways to go before he reaches a state of Zen. Laura chooses to give her Hidden Immunity Idol clue to Ciera, who burns it immediately.

Once they return from the truel, Tyson interviews that the next two votes are really important for his end game, and his strategy is going to be keeping everyone against Katie. Tyson tells Hayden, Caleb, and Gervase that they need to get rid of Katie because she has three jury votes (Aras, Vytas, Tina) sealed, so she's too dangerous to keep around in case she somehow slips through to the finals. Hayden resets everything for us in an interview when he explains that they have a five-person alliance (him, Caleb, Tyson, Gervase, and Ciera), and they could continue working together, but you don't want to be the person who waited too long to make a move either.

Hayden and Caleb talk alone about whether or not it's time for them to make a move, or else end up going out right before the finals. Caleb goes and tells Katie that she's safe, because they've decided to blindside Tyson while they can. Katie interviews that she's felt like a hermit crab in this game, going from shell to shell to shell for temporary protection from predators. But she feels like working with her original Tadhana members to blindside Tyson is the best option yet. She's not wrong. It's a great move, if they can pull it off. Who's going to be against them when it's done? Monica? Gervase? Yikes, not those two.

Caleb and Hayden tell Ciera their plan, and promise her final three with the two of them. Ciera tells them it's a smart move, but in her interview, she says that the "people who haven't played the game before" (like her?) are too willing to flip on the people they've aligned with. Well, it's not like they aligned with Tyson by choice; it was by self-preservation, or they would have been out. I mean, it's possible that Tyson will take Ciera to the final three with him and Gervase. It's also possible that he'll take someone he thinks he has a better chance of beating.

Ciera finds Tyson in the woods and tells him what the other guys just proposed to her. But she says that she doesn't trust them, and she plans to vote however Tyson tells her through the end of the game. Tyson looks a little scared but tells Ciera that he has her back and they just need to work together with Gervase and Monica to take Hayden and Caleb out. It's shocking how every week they say that they're going to get rid of Katie and every week, there seems to be a higher priority. Tyson interviews that he was hoping to make it to the final six before locking down his final three, but he might have to do it earlier, just to keep Ciera happy and loyal.

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