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Making a Move

So Hayden, Caleb, Katie, and Monica are competing. It's a pretty boring challenge to watch because, you know, buckets. They're in the air. Not a lot of dynamism here. Tyson makes a Mormon reference when Probst asks how the food is: "Delicious to the taste and very desirable." According to my limited Googling, that's what Lucifer says to Eve to convince her to eat an apple from the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden. Tyson is really going for the evil genius type of edit but he's kind of trying too hard. Everyone since Evil Dr. Will has tried too hard. Monica says she's going to win this challenge to prove to her kids that there's more than one badass in the family.

Ten minutes has elapsed with little to no movement. A few people's buckets drop, but they crank them back up. Finally, Katie's hands slip and her bucket drops. She's out. Probst keeps asking the ones competing if they're bothered that three people chose to eat instead. Do we have to make the subtext text every time, Probst? Can't we draw our own conclusions? Gervase and Tyson do a Lady and the Tramp with a giant loaf of bread (minus the kissing part). Probst tries to get under Hayden's skin again, this time affecting a weird British accent and says, "Perform for me! Show me blood!" Wouldn't that be more Roman than British?

Twenty minutes have elapsed. Everyone winches their buckets back up. Hayden has some serious blisters on his hands from holding the handle. Caleb's hands are starting to bleed, which makes his bucket slip slowly down until finally he just lets go. Caleb's out. Tyson tells Gervase and Ciera that they're good, so we know they plan to vote out Caleb. Hayden and Monica both winch back up to the top, but Hayden's bucket immediately starts slipping again. Monica is rock solid. Hayden tries, but can't keep his bucket up and he's out. Monica wins. Is anyone worried about Monica going on an immunity run and making the finals? Or do they think she's only winning because Tyson threw the last challenge and didn't compete in this one? In one of my favorite small moments of the episode, before he heads back to camp, Hayden takes a good long look at all the food he didn't get to eat.

After the challenge, everyone returns to camp and congratulates Monica on her win. And then they all want to hear about the food, which I find weird. Why torture yourself? But they seem to want specifics about the steak, the chicken, and the bread. Tyson and Ciera answer, but keep their responses brief, which is probably wise. Hayden interviews that Tyson, Gervase, and Ciera all felt comfortable enough to skip the immunity challenge, which points to the fact that they might be working together. You think? I'm changing my mind about Ciera's decision to sit out. Even if she thought she had no chance of winning, she should have competed just to avoid making it so obvious that she's working with Tyson. She could have told Tyson her rationale and he would have understood.

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