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Mocking Jay

They draw for teams by pulling red or black rocks out of a bag. Because she's a horrible pile of garbage in human form, Alicia immediately spots the red rock in her own hand and is like, "Okay, I need the reds to come over here." Because she's in charge, you guys, seriously. Ugh, the worst. So the reds are: Alicia (HAD YOU HEARD?), Troyzan, Jay, Tarzan and Kat. The blacks are: Kim, Chelsea, Sabrina, Christina and Leif. Sabrina gets a funny interview about Troyzan's hosting prowess, saying, "I love Troy like cooked food," but it's not like anybody asked him to be a host. Loving someone like cooked food might have to be a thing I start saying.

There really isn't much to say about the challenge itself. People be throwin' balls at poles. Overall, it seems like everybody's trying to finesse things a bit too much and as a result all the throws come up shorter than they'd like. Jay misses. Kim misses. Kat gets a 2-pointer. Leif misses. Troy misses. Chelsea misses. Tarzan steps up and hits a 4-pointer and it just bums me out that nobody will have seen him do it because they were too busy shielding their eyes from his teal briefs. Down six points with two throwers left, Christina doesn't appear to be gunning for the high scores like she has to do. She scores a 1-pointer, which doesn't help. Alicia misses, which leaves it all on Sabrina to have to score a 5-pointer to tie it. Sabrina at least seems to know she has to aim high, but when she also falls short, I begin to wonder if these people just didn't get any practice with how hard you have to throw the ropey-ball thingies. Anyway, the Troy/Jay/Kat/Tarzan/Alicia team wins! Everybody high-fives Tarzan from a safe distance.

The reward is pretty standard, as food rewards go. They get rum and coconut water on the boat ride to the island, and once there, the Island Help fix them up some fish and lobster and other island-y goodness. As for strategy, Jay makes a low-key stab at securing Kat's help in making sure the other girls are onboard with eliminating someone like Alicia this week. He talks a bit about how he was kind of upset to vote out Mike last week (the impression I get is that Kim basically told Jay that the vote was for Mike right before they left for TC if not on the way, thus leaving him no time to back-talk or strategize). Jay's hair is REALLY holding up to the elements out there, I have to say. Not sure how long that chiseled face of his can support a beard (this is a man built for light scruff and no more), but the way things are going for him, we might not ever have to find out. He basically tells Kat they need to send Manono home and she's like, "That's the plan!" But even from Jay's pleading tone, we can tell the dynamics are just not that at all.

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