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Mocking Jay

A lonely hermit crab crawling on an indifferent beach is the perfect transition to Jay and Troy talking strategy. Troy seems to be wearing some kind of island shin-guards, perhaps made of buffs? Anyway, Jay kind of softly gives Troy shit for supporting Mike's ouster and Troy's like, "You're right; the girls probably need to agree to get rid of Alicia or Christina pretty soon." No pressure though, ladies! Jay's like, "No, Alicia needs to go next." He interviews that Alicia's more dangerous strategically ( she smells like sulfur and the Garden of Eden). Troy then enthuses about how, should their alliance stick together, he and Jay could win immunities all the way until the end, never once seeing how those two things might be at odds. Jay, meanwhile, interviews that while Troy is good to align with for now, he has no plans to take him to the very end. His alliance is with Kim and Chelsea and that's how it'll stay. My official stance is that I don't blame Jay for sticking with the alliance he'd made, but if those two were his prime allies -- Kim who sprung the Mike vote on him and Chelsea who made that marble-mouthed assertion about how it was "not necessarily" true that Jay would get picked off soon -- I'm starting to think he should have seen SOMETHING coming.

Jay next communicates the "vote Alicia" plan to Kat, who is clearly unenthusiastic about it. Finally, Jay has to make the "Hey, Troy and I sacrificed Mike for y'all, so..." argument, which just sounds sadder and sadder when you realize how very much the women plan to not honor it. He asks if Kat's down with Alicia. Kat: "What am I gonna say, no?" RED FLAG, HANDSOME! Kat calls the other women over and Jay again asks for confirmation on Alicia. Kim is the ONLY one who immediately is like, "Yes." Sabrina doesn't say anything and Chelsea doesn't look at him. Your dupes need reassurances, ladies! Chelsea interviews that Jay is one of those people whom it's hard to look in their face and lie. You know what? Forget what I said earlier -- I think looking Jay right in his face and lying to him could be kind of... hot? Just straight-up lie to his face, all sexy-like. ...Sorry, what? My mind wandered. Chelsea once again interviews that she doesn't know if she can "do this." Ahhh... nonspecific, ominous sound-bites. An editor's best friend.

After the break, we get yet another conversation about how the men are going home next. This time it's Kim reassuring Alicia that, despite what they told Jay, she's definitely not going. You know how to tell if an episode is going to end up super predictably? When you get the same conversation repeated about twelve times. However, Troy spots this conversation happening -- under the weak guise of washing out coconut bowls -- and wonders what's going on. This sets off Troy on one of his periodic "What if the women are planning an alliance?" tangents that never seem to stick. Later, as Troy and Jay return with tree mail, they discuss the possibility of a challenge where they might be tempted with food rewards. Troy says he definitely wouldn't bail. Troy also frets about a women's alliance, but Jay -- having been given his, ahem, reassurance -- thinks they're solid. Again, paranoia and panic are so often detrimental to one's chances in this game that I don't entirely blame Jay for trying to calm Troy. But it's tough to argue that in the face of what's to come. Meanwhile, Jay reads the clue and flashes a toothy smile that more than anything confirms that the pout is the look he should stick with. Meanwhile, Tarzan has taken to wearing what appears to be Monica's one-shoulder wrap top. Naturally.

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