Go Out With a Bang

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Mocking Jay

Troyzan and Chelsea each have moments where they lose balance but recover. Troy does so again and can't get back on track, so he's out and foodless. The next item is chicken and beer, which gets Jay to leap off immediately. This I can at least see being tempted by (the chicken, at least) but in retrospect this is a dumb move. I guess he just felt like he needed to outlast Alicia, but did he notice how easily she gave up? Sigh. It's kind of Jay in a nutshell. Strategic... to a point. I'm not sure it mattered anyway, because Chelsea has not budged in this game. She promises Leif that stepping down would make him safe this week (he's less of a threat). Jeff tries to amp up the play by play with very insincere "who do you trust?" commentary. The next food item is burgers, which gets Leif in the frame of mind to believe Chelsea. It's a good move. He wasn't going anywhere anyway. So Chelsea wins and her friends even give her bites of their food. Not a bad deal.

After the break, Kim interviews that she was happy to let Chelsea have the win and get some of the "threat" spotlight off of her. Meanwhile, Chelsea has begun to warm up to the idea of voting out the boys, much as she still likes them. "I LOVE money, though," she says, summing it up. Assessing the situation, Chelsea says Jay gave up for food (thinking he's safe) while Troy stuck it out, which means Troy is the one to pick off. She then chats with Kim, who wants to do a split vote -- 4 for Troy, 3 for Jay -- to ensure against a hidden idol. She acknowledges it's risky, what with wild cards like Leif and Tarzan, but she wants to make sure Troy can't pull a fast one. So she instructs Alicia to vote for Jay, as will Tarzan and Christina.

Troyzan then approaches Kim looking for assurances. And look: I think Kim is being very convincing here. She doesn't look guilty or conflicted, she laughs along with Troy about his paranoia and she seems fully onboard with the Alicia thing. Yet Troy interviews (and granted, he may not have been referring to that moment) that he got twigged by Kim being a little too agreeable. So I guess good for Troy and his Troyzan intuition. He digs up his immunity idol and puts it in his pocket, just in case, and then tells Jay all about it. Jay, I think, is more weary about the easy Tribal he was promised suddenly getting taken away from him. He tries to assure Troy that the girls are cool with Alicia and that he's got nothing to worry about -- but boy, is Troy unconvinced. So Jay is troubled. He just now found out that Troy has a hidden idol, so this is a lot to process. So while Troy goes about the process of trying to secure votes from Tarzan and Christina (?!), Jay goes and tattles to Kim. Ultimately, this is the move that slits his own throat, but in Jay's mind Kim is his ally before Troy is, so he's working to save Kim. Adorably, he's still clinging to the Alicia vote, saying the safe play is to vote out Alicia and flush out Troy's idol in the process. Meanwhile, Kim now knows she's being targeted (so much for the plan to lay low) and as she says, she doesn't have very much time to get reassurances from everybody. Which I think means that the only votes she can change are in her inner circle (Chelsea, Sabrina, Kat). So if you're looking for an explanation as to why TC goes down like it does, it's that. Poor Jay. Engineering his own elimination.

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