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Mocking Jay

Tribal. Tarzan -- again wearing Monica's swoopy top -- talks about how the men "lost their will" after the merge (sorry, WHO was it who divorced himself from aligning with Jonas?) and now the women have emerged as the smarter players. Jay expresses his hopes that the new Salani co-ed alliance would stick together are "dwindling." Jeff again, like last week, asks who feels they're vulnerable this time around. Kim, Jay, and Troy raise their hands. They're not wrong. Jeff is still surprised it's not more of them and goes to Kim, who says she was confident up through the immunity challenge, but that a "funky" paranoid vibe at camp has made her worry. Chelsea tells Jeff that at some point, you have to just trust in your alliance and hope they're not lying to you. Which is exactly what Jay is doing now, albeit gingerly. Sometimes it doesn't work out.

Troyzan makes a good point about how you start to read the nonverbal signals from people: such as who abandons immunity for food and who applauds whom at the challenges (everybody seemed pretty happy when he lost, after all). Talk then turns to hidden idols and who might have one. Alicia puts Troy on blast for changing into cargo shorts before TC, the better to conceal an idol. Tarzan sums things up, saying he predicts that "the alliance that I know of" will vote together and be strengthened and dominate. Which, if you look at whom he votes for, makes you wonder where exactly he thinks he fits in. Oh, and in case you were worried that the game is not afoot, it most certainly IS.

Votes! Jay votes for Alicia and is like, "I told you not to step down," so yeah, that comment at the challenge was laying the groundwork for some theatricality here. Troy votes for Kim as the "strongest player." Kat sadly votes for Troy. We don't see the other votes. When the votes come back, Troyzan plays his idol. So the two votes that get cast for Troy don't count. The one for Kim does. And the two for Alicia do. But so do the four votes cast for Jay and he's eliminated. Bye, cheekbones and spaghetti straps and lazy Southern drawl. I will miss you all. (For those curious: Kim, Sabrina, Alicia, Christina, and Tarzan (?!) voted for Jay; Kat and Chelsea voted for Troy; Jay and Leif voted for Alicia; Troyzan voted for Kim.)

Next week: Troyzan versus the world. The world seems to have the edge. But. You know, I do think the women are poised to finish off the guys and take their alliance Top 6. But I recall another time an all-women alliance decimated the men at this stage of the game, in Vanuatu. And the one guy left standing took the whole thing. There are advantages to being an alliance of one sometimes. I just really hope that one guy this season isn't Tarzan.

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