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Two Little Green Men

The tribe enters Tribal Council. In walk Douche and Courtney, wearing matching skirts and dresses! I think they made them out of the loser's lodge drapes. Well, Douche's skirt is made from the drapes. Courtney's is from the drapery tie back. And you know Courtney just gave Sandra an air fistbump. Probst takes control, asking Rupert what it's like at camp with the Heroes and Villains together. Rupert describes it as "an adjustment" and complains about the Villains' poor banana etiquette, saying he hasn't eaten a ripe banana since they arrived. Danielle says there are plenty of bananas and plantains around (in fact, she describes it as a "plethora amount," because why use five cent words when you can look stupid misusing a ten dollar word?), so she doesn't think they should be "penalized" for eating them. "Banana wars," Courtney whispers to Douche, who nods sagely. Rupert says he's not complaining about the plantains -- it's the "RIPE BA NA NAS," he's upset about, as he puts it. Let's cut to Sandra and then Parvati's reactions to this, which are amazing. Sandra's like "I don't know what you're talking about, but it pisses me off" and Parvati's face says "Rupert scares me with his banana intensity. Don't I look pretty, though, guys?" Rupert's major complaint is that the Villains eat the bananas before they ripen. Danielle says they're used to doing things differently, and now that the tribes have merged, they should work together to figure out a way to behave around camp that makes everyone happy. Yes, that would be a good idea. But they haven't done it yet so they probably never will.

Li'l Russell speaks up and says nothing will change -- these are two separate tribes and he just wants to forget about bananas and play the game. Probst asks Li'l Russell if tonight's vote will dictate the rest of the game. Duh, Probst. It always does. Li'l Russell says yes, it will. If a Villain goes, the Heroes will be in the Final Five. If a Hero goes, the Villains will be in the Final Five. Yes, it's always that simple. Probst asks if J.T. agrees. Probst hasn't addressed a woman yet, by the way. J.T. says he does, and he hopes a Villain goes tonight. Probst follows up with J.T., asking if things were crazy at camp today. J.T. says no one from the Villains has spoken to him, so he's pretty sure they're writing his name down. "I'll talk to you any time!" Jerri says, always ready to flirt awkwardly. J.T. says it's too late and his feelings are already hurt. Probst asks Jerri if J.T. is right that the Villains were avoiding him. Jerri says she felt like the Heroes were putting a wall up against them, and J.T. in particular. Probst asks Li'l Russell if the woman isn't just paranoid. Li'l Russell says it must be, since he talks to J.T. all the time and probably speaks to the Heroes more than the Villains. "They're playing," Courtney whispers to Douche, who nods disgustedly. Um, those two are awesome. They're like the two cranky guys in the balcony of The Muppet Show. Probst asks Sandra if she's concerned that her tribemate is making friends with the Heroes. Sandra says no, because everyone is just trying to get along and she talks to the Heroes, too, just to be friendly. But as far as strategy is concerned, the Heroes haven't said anything to her so she hasn't said anything to them.

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