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Tribal council. Everyone enters. The jury comes in and is seated. James has shaved his head entirely, and is now wearing a shirt and real pants, so the camera guys have lost all interest in him. He tries to give everyone a steely glare, know. Not the star of the show anymore, dude. You finished seventh. That's not much better than the middle of the pack, so...get used to it. Oh, and guess what! They're still eating and surviving without you. Unless you're feeding them from Loser Lodge, the Lodge of Losers, where Losers get their Lodging. In which case I take it all back.

Jeff asks Amanda about spending all this time with Denise and whether she knows Denise better. Amanda says that, clearly, Denise is "blessed with a great life." Jeff asks Denise whether there's a downside to that. Denise says yes -- they might vote against her because her life is so good, or on the flip side, people might be afraid to go up against her. In other words, she can see a way it might make her less likely to get votes, and a way it might make her seem more likely to get votes. Both are probably true. Denise is squirming.

Jeff asks Peih-Gee for a take on the vote, in light of the fact that she and Erik have theoretically been the possible boots for what feels like years. Peih-Gee says that she thinks there are uncertainties, and if you think it's really 4-2, then there's a person in the fourth position with nothing to lose from switching sides. She's right, of course. Jeff asks whether this worries her. Denise acknowledges that she feels left out of the Todd-Amanda-Courtney group, but she won't go so far as to say she might ever do anything about it. She says she hopes she can trust people tonight. She wants to stay as long as possible. She's going to "hope for the best." Jeff asks Todd whether he trusts anyone, and Todd says that when you don't have immunity, you have no choice but to trust people. Denise is squirming.

Jeff asks Erik if, should he go tonight, he'll feel like he did everything he could to crack the alliance he's up against. He says yes. He explicitly says what everyone knows is the issue: the fourth person in a four-person alliance ought to think long and hard about getting herself (or, of course, himself, hypothetically) out of that position, because know, you're in fourth. Denise is squirming.

Jeff calls for the vote. Amanda votes. Todd votes for Erik. Peih-Gee votes. Courtney votes. Erik votes for Todd. Denise votes, saying, "This is probably the biggest mistake I'm going to make in this game." Yeah, probably. Jeff brings back the urn. Erik. Todd. Todd. Erik. Erik. Erik. Sooooo, that'll do it for Erik. And for Denise! Erik smiles, stands up, and hugs Peih-Gee. Denise look over at Peih-Gee, and Peih-Gee looks back, like, "Hey, it's your funeral. Well, our funeral." Erik's torch is snuffed. What a sweetheart, that kid; I really liked him a lot. He handled a lot of things really nicely and really subtly. Not a great strategist, but, like Peih-Gee, he was dealt a horrible hand, and he played it as well as he possibly could have, I think.

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