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Highlight of the episode? Amanda's sister leaps into the water, and her ass is blurred as well, so I guess that's genetic. Amanda and her sister and Todd and his sister all have a little discussion in the water, in which he reveals that he was afraid everyone would think he was lying about the miscarriage. In an interview, Todd insists that the entire thing with his sister was true, and that he wasn't playing it up for strategy or for anything else. Asked how far along the sister was, Brandi says about two months. "Three months now," says Todd, and Brandi's eyes flash, and she says, "She lost it a while ago, Todd." He asks whether it was pretty much right when he left, and she says it was.

Denise and Robert have a talk in which she admits that she doesn't have much in common with the "young kids" in the group -- which is now pretty much everyone. She says she just hopes Todd and Amanda will take her to F3 and won't backstab her and take Courtney. Well...right. "Do what you think's right," says Rob, which is why he'd be terrible at this game. Meanwhile, Amanda tells Todd that while they shouldn't backstab anyone, she thinks taking Denise to F4 will be enough. Hey, who would ever mind being taken out in fourth place? Todd tells his sister that, obviously, Courtney is easier to beat than Denise, so obviously, they'd send Denise out first. Hi, Denise? This is reality calling. You should know all this stuff. Todd explains that he and Amanda and Courtney have kind of all done the same things to make people angry, so they're all reasonably even and therefore have good reasons to go to F3 together. "And we make such a cute final three!" says Amanda. Oh, Amanda. That's so beneath you. "It's perfect," says Todd. And...commercials!

When we return, it's time for the loved ones to leave, and Rob and Denise share a big hug as he tells her he thinks she's going to win. Keep the dream alive, Rob. They have a little nose-rub, which is very cute. And then they hug, and he tells her how terrible she smells, and she apologizes, and they laugh. The loved ones get on a boat, and everyone says goodbye. Todd says that saying goodbyes are always hard, but that "you can't stop the game." Or the game will stop you! Or something. As he and Denise hug, Todd voices over that it's good to think you can trust people, but that you can't. He needs to stop combing the hair quite so high. The straight-up look is not as flattering as he thinks, tempting as it must be to substitute it for the all-over-the-place business that seems to be his other choice. It's not like it actually makes him any taller.

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