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Back at camp, Peih-Gee is drying out her hair, and it's remarkable how nice it looks in some of these shots; hers is staying in much better shape than some. I don't know why hers doesn't look greasy and everybody else's does; I guess she probably got to wash it at the temple? As we watch her cook rice, she interviews that she's felt like an underdog the entire time, so it means everything to her to come back and win immunity. She tears up as she tells us that every time she doesn't have immunity, she expects to get voted out. They all eat nasty-looking soupy rice, and she says that it's one of her "proudest moments" to be staying in the game so long when the odds were so badly stacked against her. She says that things have been "mentally and physically exhausting," and at this point, I can believe it. Not when people say it on the third day, as they often do, but after a month, yes.

Todd's hair is incredibly porcupine-y as he strolls around camp. He sees Amanda and Erik out on the boat together, and he does not look pleased. Todd tells Courtney and Denise that everything is fine, as long know, everything is still fine. He says that the only problem would be Amanda flipping, but that he thinks Amanda knows enough not to want Erik or Peih-Gee anywhere near F2, and I suspect that's correct. I think Amanda's ideal F3, actually, is herself and Courtney. Todd interviews that Erik is the obvious boot, now that Peih-Gee has immunity. He says that it's "the easiest vote" thus far.

Out on the boat, Erik makes the risky move of telling Amanda that he's suspicious of Todd's story about his sister. Amanda claims that she believed it was "a way to get further in the game" for Todd, but I don't think she actually...thinks that? Anyway, Erik interviews that it's very frustrating to him that nobody trusts Todd, but that nobody will vote him out. Hey, I think that same thing about certain people every time I turn on CNN. Peih-Gee tells Erik that she's not going to be voting him out. They don't need her vote anyway, so she's not doing it. He shrugs. "Thanks," he says, undoubtedly wanting to be nice but knowing that her gesture kind of...doesn't mean anything. He says that he's going to talk to Denise, and Peih-Gee agrees that this might be Erik's best bet. Peih-Gee and Erik have a chat in which they tell Denise that they think Todd wants to go to the end of the game with Courtney and Amanda. Denise says she knows. Peih-Gee lays out exactly how this is all going to result in Denise's dismissal at F4, and how totally obvious it is to everyone but Denise herself. Denise, again, claims she knows. Apparently, she's counting on the magic twist where everyone else's vote is nullified at F4. Erik says that Denise's other choice is to go with Peih-Gee and Erik and be guaranteed F3. Peih-Gee explains in an interview, and she's entirely correct, that if Denise forced a tie tonight and Todd went home, her chances of making F3 would improve drastically. Completely true. Denise talks about what a difficult decision this is, but Erik reminds her that F3 is better than F4 by leaps and bounds, not just incrementally.

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