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Time begins and the teams race down a giant wooden slide to start. Tandang takes an early lead, mostly because Katie on Kalabaw is dragging ass. Penner and Jeff Kent have to take her hands and drag her through the next obstacle, a mud pit and then a mud hill. Probst notices that Katie is struggling on "a very easy portion" of the course. Again she is, but shut up, Probst. Maybe she's injured. Maybe she's sick. Maybe she just sucks, but it's not your place to say anything. This does kind of go towards Malcolm's assertion at Tribal Council a few weeks back that Angie was just as good as some of the other younger women on other tribes, but didn't have the luxury of sitting out challenges.

Tandang gets up and over a net A-frame and starts untying the knots on the drawbridge while Kalabaw struggles. Katie is again dead last and, when she finally gets over the A-frame, can barely walk. Is she injured? Is she cramping up? What is going on there? Anyway, Denise and Carter are awesome at untying knots (how would you even know if that's a skill you possess?) and helps Kalabaw make up some time, although Probst happily points out that they are still behind and it's all Katie's fault. Why she doesn't just flip him off, I do not know.

Malcolm chops the final rope for Tandang, releasing the puzzle pieces so that Lisa and Pete can start assembling the puzzle. Jeff Kent tries to chop the rope for Kalabaw, but slows down a great deal and Penner has to tag in. Note that Probst doesn't give Jeff Kent shit for being unable to finish or for slowing his team down. Ugh. Anyway, Penner makes quick work of it and now both teams are trying to figure out the four-word phrase and put their puzzle pieces in order to spell it.

Probst AGAIN notes that Tandang has a big head start on the puzzle and it's all Katie's fault. No, he really says it like that. What a dick. And he also takes another crack at Abi for sitting out again. Penner thinks he's got the answer and starts placing letters. I don't know if he didn't share his strategy with Dawson, his teammate or what's going on, but they are fumbling pieces and grabbing them out of one another's hands and it's a disaster. Meanwhile, Lisa and Pete are just smoothly and calmly placing pieces and I think RC (sitting on Skupin's shoulders to get an overhead view of the puzzle) is the one who actually figures out the phrase for her team. Then there's a mad dash and Tandang gets the phrase completed first, by seconds. Penner interviews that if Katie had been a little faster and if Dawson had been a little more helpful with the puzzle, they might have won. No blame falls on Jeff Kent, who surely cost them as much time as Dawson. Penner adds that now his tribe will be down two people, which might be insurmountable at this point.

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