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When Kalabaw returns to their camp, Katie apologizes for screwing up the challenge. She interviews that she had a crappy performance and she wouldn't blame her tribe for ditching her. Katie and Dawson sit in the shelter and talk about how bad Katie was. They both agree on that point, which cracks me up. Dawson's just like, "You were not good. You were bad." I wish we had seen more of those two.

Denise is also worried because she's the new kid. She and Jeff Kent go to get water and Jeff Kent asks her to be the fourth in their alliance. She agrees and they shake hands with all five fingers. ALL FIVE. He interviews that Denise is stronger physically and mentally than Katie or Dawson. Jeff Kent goes back and tells the other guys that he got Denise on their side.

In an interview, Penner runs down the options: Katie, Denise or Dawson. He thinks Denise is strong, and Katie and Dawson are kind of useless, so it will be one of them going home. At camp, Penner orders Dawson to get more wood so he can talk about her behind her back. Or strategize. However you want to phrase it. The menfolk discuss their options. Carter wants to get rid of Katie because he thinks she's mentally checked out. Jeff Kent blames Dawson for the loss of the challenge, although I'm not sure how it wasn't equally his fault, as I mentioned. Penner is a little more rational in his interview, where he says that Katie didn't perform well in the challenge, but he can't totally blame their loss on her and while Dawson didn't perform great either, she's fairly useless around camp. Either way, he doesn't think it's an easy choice.

The tribe is all lying in the shelter and Dawson is loudly going on and on about athletes and which sports are the best, and she purposely puts baseball last to drive Jeff Kent nuts. Remember that she knows who he really is, so she's trying to get a rise out of him, I guess? I'm not sure what her strategy is here other than amusing herself. Jeff Kent interviews that if people figure out who he really is, he's in trouble, so the best scenario might be to just get rid of Dawson. This is why I don't get Dawson's strategy; maybe she thinks she's not really in trouble this round, but what purpose does needling Jeff Kent serve? To prove to him that she's a threat to his game? To annoy him? None of those things are going to keep her in the game longer.

Kalabaw reports to Tribal Council for the first time. Probst asks Dawson how Dana leaving affected them, and Dawson speaks very eloquently about how it hit them really, really hard. Penner adds that it was just bad luck and could have just as easily happened to the other tribe, but he thinks if Dana had been there, they would have won the challenge.

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