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Dawson's Eek

Probst brings up Katie's suckiness again and all Katie can do is agree with him and says that she hopes her tribe knows that it wasn't her best and she's worthy of being there. More proof that Dawson has no idea her name has come up for voting -- when Probst asks her if being good at challenges is enough to consider keeping new girl Denise around, Dawson says, "Absolutely" and reminds everyone that they'll need someone strong at challenges if they want to have any chance of going into a merge with strong numbers. Katie cringes, either because Dawson just made an idiot move or she threw Katie under the bus. I guess Dawson actually just wanted a chance to flirt with Probst, and then she says that her biggest contribution is keeping spirits up at camp. Jeff Kent rolls his eyes.

Probst wants to know what is factoring into the voting decision, like it's any different than every vote ever on this show. What a nothing question. Probst has revealed nothing about this tribe's dynamics through his questioning, other than that Dawson is clueless and flighty. Anyway, it's time to vote, so they do and then Probst tallies and reveals. All of the dudes plus Denise voted for Dawson, so she's gone. And she really had no idea. I don't get that. She knew the men had an alliance. She voted for Denise, so she didn't think Denise was on her side. Did she think Katie was the obvious choice? I just don't understand how she's surprised as she is. Anyway, as her torch is snuffed, she gives Probst the fuck-me creepy eyes and then hugs him and kisses his cheek, which was certainly unexpected but at least all her weirdo comments about being excited to see him earlier paid off. I don't really know what Dawson's deal was, but at least she was sort of interesting, unlike, say Carter, who is useless. I'll miss her a little.

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