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Sugar High
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After voting out Carter, a mostly sad Dangrayne tribe returns to camp. Abi thanks everyone for keeping her, as if they kept her around because they like her or care about her. Abi interviews that she bluffed with her fake Hidden Immunity Idol, and she's not sure if people believed it, but she's going to keep it going. Lisa comments that it was tough to vote Carter off because he was such a nice guy. She interviews that the game isn't fair, but when choosing who to keep around, she has to keep the people she thinks she can beat.

As they settle in to sleep, Skupin jokes that he guesses Abi always thought she would make it this far, but probably thought she'd be with very different people. Heh. I'm sure she thought she'd be in the final five with Pete, Artis, and maybe Lisa and Skupin but maybe not. Malcolm interviews that Lisa admitted at Tribal Council that she wants to keep people around that she thinks she can beat, so he knows now that she's playing the game seriously with her head, and he's got to keep an eye on her.

The next morning, Malcolm, Denise, and Skupin cook breakfast and express hopes that Carter is resting well and feeling better. Abi makes a really obvious announcement that she's going to get some water. Once she's out of earshot, Skupin and Malcolm both comment on how not sly she is. Malcolm interviews that no one buys that Abi has an Idol, because if she did, she would have played it last night. Abi interviews that Malcolm is using his Idol to stay around, and she needs to destroy his alliance with Denise because it's too strong. She wants to get rid of Denise ASAP.

Later, Abi lays in the sun until she's alone with Lisa, and then dramatically gets up and warns Lisa to be careful, because she's on the bottom of her four-person alliance. Abi is such a terrible liar that she has no backing evidence and hasn't even put much thought into how she might convince Lisa she's telling the truth. Like she could say, "I heard Malcolm and Denise talking about how they didn't want to take you to the finals because you can beat them since the jury is largely made up of former Tandang members." There's an idea. Instead, Abi just says, "I think you're on the bottom, so be careful." Dummy. Lisa interviews that she doesn't believe a word Abi's saying, but she needs to keep Abi close, either to take her to the finals (which Lisa admits "feels yucky"), or as a potential jury voter. Lisa further interviews that she would love to vote off Denise and keep Abi, but she may have to keep her alliance intact. She's keeping her options open.

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