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Sugar High

Reward Challenge. Probst explains that the castaways will have to run over a slide (it's tall, like maybe eight feet?) into the water and retrieve a bundle of rings. Then they'll return to their original spot and toss the rings onto pegs. First one to get five pegs on five rings wins reward, which is a boat trip with catered pizza lunch, and the winner gets to bring two friends.

The slides are pretty awesome because the contestants go FLYING down the other side and somersault into the sand, especially the first time when they don't know how fast they're going to be. Skupin takes an early lead with Malcolm right behind. Lisa is way behind and Abi whatever. Skupin is first to start tossing his rings with Malcolm and Denise right behind. Skupin quickly gets three out of five rings landed. Malcolm manages to tie Skupin at four out of five, so it's down to the two of them, and then Skupin scores his last ring and wins.

Probst tells Skupin that the helicopter is going to pick him up, and Skupin reminds everyone that his last Survivor helicopter ride involved a medical evacuation. Anyway, Skupin has to make his picks. First, he chooses Malcolm, since Malcolm let him visit with his son in the last Reward Challenge. Skupin looks over the other three and chooses Lisa. Skupin makes a point of telling Denise that she can have all his fruit back at camp. Nothing for Abi, I guess. She looks pissed. She heaves a big sigh and looks pointedly at Probst, and he notes that she looks heartbroken. Abi says dramatically, "I guess my vote doesn't mean anything." If she means her vote in the game? It really doesn't. I can't figure out if she's actually surprised that she didn't get chosen or if she's continuing her fiction that she has some power in the game due to her fake Idol.

Denise is stuck back at camp with Abi, of all people. Abi interviews that she's really crushed because she's on the bottom of the alliance, and she also has to hang out with Denise, whom she calls a "horrible person." Interesting that pretty much every other person who has met Denise has liked her. Denise interviews that she's just going to try to be nice and get through the afternoon. Abi tells Denise that she's the swing vote, because she's still pretending that she has an Idol. Denise just keeps saying, "Uh huh! That's true. For sure!" She's a trooper.

Meanwhile, on the boat, Malcolm, Skupin, and Lisa are eating what looks like the world's worst pizza (I'm sure they don't care), cookies, and soda. Skupin never drinks soda so he gets a little loopy from the sugar high. Later, they go in the water and snorkel next to a whale shark. Malcolm even gets to put his hand on it, which is pretty amazing. Skupin, of course, almost runs into it, because it wouldn't be Skupin if he didn't nearly get into a fatal accident.

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