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Denise finishes her maze but then realizes that the last piece she put in doesn't quite fit. It looks like it should, but it doesn't line up exactly, so it's wrong and she has to rearrange things. Lisa seems like she's not even close and I thought she was supposed to be the puzzle master. I'd like to see Penner try this. Malcolm suddenly gets all his pieces in and puts the ball through the maze. He won. Wow. That was quite a come-from-behind victory and he seemed really intent on winning for someone who already had an Idol.

Hey, Skupin hasn't nearly died in like half an episode. That means it's time for him to get injured again. And a rock pops in the fire while he's cooking and hits his foot, but he narrowly escapes death once again. I've got to say, popping rocks are dangerous. My brother got a hot rock in his EYEBALL when we were kids and my grandfather was an EMT and my mom and grandma had to hold him down on the couch while my grandpa used like a wire loop to scoop it out. I still have the willies and that was like thirty years ago. Also, one time a popped rock landed in my shoe and I got a blister. Okay, that's not quite at the same level.

Abi interviews that she's discouraged since she didn't win immunity, and she feels drained, but she knows that she needs to fight, and her plan is to get Skupin and Lisa to vote with her against Denise. Abi talks to Skupin on the beach and says that Skupin and Lisa don't have a chance at beating Denise OR Malcolm in the finals, so they should bring her, since no one will vote for her. She's not wrong. Skupin interviews that it's a hard decision because everything matters in the endgame. Skupin tells Abi that she's making sense and he needs to talk to Lisa. Skupin interviews that Abi is really unlikable but hanging out with her for three more days could earn him the million.

Skupin finds Lisa and they carefully talk about how Abi wants a final three deal. Lisa says that she thinks they should do it, because the only votes Abi could potentially get are from Pete and Artis, so they should consider voting out Denise.

Meanwhile, Malcolm and Denise are having their own chat. Denise reminds him that this is the last night he can play his Immunity Idol, and he also has considers it and then says that he would give it to her if the situation called for it. Denise immediately agrees with him that Lisa and Skupin wouldn't keep Abi, even though we saw them considering doing just that a few moments ago. I really want Denise to stay for two reasons: I like Denise, and I think keeping her makes for a far more interesting final. If Abi goes to the finals, she won't win and she'll be annoying when responding to jury questions. Any combination of the other four in the finals would be interesting. I think they could each make an argument, and it would be interesting to see which jury members vote which way. Anyway, Malcolm's not giving up the Idol because he wants to keep it as a souvenir, although given his conversation on the boat, you have to wonder if there's a part of him that wouldn't mind seeing Denise go home as long as he has plausible deniability.

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