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A Million Dollars' Worth Of Lip Venom

Which, of course, we have to discuss again. Jeff reminds her, in case she forgot, that she had the chance to give away cars to the other people in F5. Remember, Cindy? DO YOU? I think she remembers that. Jeff asks Rafe whether a different decision would have helped Cindy to stay, and Rafe says that he's not sure. He thinks maybe it would have, but after all, she could have lost the car and then been voted off, too. This way, she has a car! "And she can drive to Guatemala in it," he says, displaying all the sensitivity you would expect from, say, Adam Carolla, OB/GYN. Everyone laughs and claps, even though this is horrible.

Jeff calls on Margaret now, and because she's an irrepressible grownup (boo!), it turns out that she actually was so moved by her experiences in Guatemala that she is going back to help out mudslide victims. Talk about stealing the thunder from Cindy's pain. And guess what else? Brian is going, too. Because: awesome. I love people who know, they loved being on Survivor, but it's not their entire plan to move to L.A. and walk around bars waiting for people to recognize them. Because that is so gross it makes me cry, and there are people doing it by the hundreds right now. Jeff also talks about how the show used Margaret's interviews not only as interviews, but as medical updates on the other contestants who were laid out by the trek through the jungle in the first two days. Jeff recalls her tender treatment of Blake, who reaches over to give Margaret a hug.

And speaking of Blake, let's all pretend to remember him for a few minutes. Jeff reminds him of being called "Golden Boy," so there is a little discussion of his theme yell, given to him by Amy. And then Jeff wants to know how it went over with his girlfriend when he went on and on about her circus-freak boobs. Blake says that his girlfriend didn't actually care that much, because she loves him and so forth. It was her father who told him, "I can't believe my daughter's breasts got you kicked off Survivor." Wow, how...completely creepy.

And now, they show the previously-online-only clip in which Gary found the immunity idol, which is totally awesome, particularly because when he finds it, Gary looks at the camera, puts whatever he's carrying right in his mouth like a big cigar, and gives the camera a wink and a thumbs-up. It is seriously a nice moment. The decision to hold the revelation that he had the idol until tribal council was probably the right one, but it resulted in never showing that scene until now, and that really is a shame.

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