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A Million Dollars' Worth Of Lip Venom

Jeff asks Danni, other than literally buying a clue, what her best move in the game was. She tells him that it was probably getting Rafe out of the game, because he was so "well-liked." She points out that Rafe is "an awesome guy," but reminds people who have probably forgotten, even if they are (for instance) awesome guys, that it's a game and that everybody went there to win. Jeff takes this opportunity to turn his attention to Rafe and ask him why he "released" Danni from their F2 pact. Rafe explains that he wanted Danni to make a decision that now and five years from now she would look back on happily. I'd say that five years from now, when she is enjoying her million dollars, she will probably look back on it with quite a lot of happiness indeed. Rafe says with what he incorrectly thinks is good humor that he believed, of course, that this would involve taking him to F2, but it's okay, he insists, because he wanted her to "make what she'd be proud of." He seems like kind of a dear person, but I hope that in the future, he won't make statements he really doesn't mean about wanting people to do what's in their hearts if what he actually wants is to win money and be able to say that he did it in a way morally superior to the way other people have done it in the past. Because caring about the process itself -- wanting people to make a decision in the right way -- is very different from wanting the outcome that benefits you and wanting, on top of that, to have it presented in the particular wrappings that please you.

Jeff reminds Danni that, at one point, she told him that as soon as she saw the immunity challenge turn into the pole-leaning business and realized that it would be endurance, she was panicked because she believed she couldn't beat Rafe in a challenge of that kind. I suppose Rafe would seem to have built-in advantages when it comes to inflexibility. Danni says that she was thinking about her family during that challenge, and that she could "bless them" with the million. It quickly becomes clear that she's answering a different question from the one Jeff asked. She's answering the one she thinks Jeff was warming up to ask, which is about her fear that she wouldn't able to beat Rafe in an F2 situation. She also clearly expects to be asked about her style of play, because she goes on to compare herself to a "stealth bomber," embracing the internet lingo to say that she didn't "fly under the radar." She takes the position that you can't really fly under the radar -- you're just not on it because you're invisible. I guess the idea is to stress that there's nothing about a player like Danni that couldn't have been seen by people who were looking. Which is a fair point.

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