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Jeff now brings up the one "meta" thing we're going to talk about this evening, which is the "starstruck" factor that entered the game as a result of people who were already famous being allowed into the picture. Amy, as Jeff points out, is already shaking her head, since this didn't affect her so much. Cindy, on the other hand, apparently told Jeff at one of the challenges that Steph was part of the reason she was on the show. Cindy, whose lips are not so bee-stung as Danni's but are much, much too shiny, like they're slicked with a half a pot of petroleum jelly, says that while she wasn't "starstruck," she was "inspired." Boy, there's a strong distinction. "I don't think of her as a celebrity; just my inspiration." Cindy comes off like a bit of an oddball here, I have to admit, and not for the last time this hour. She says that she saw "similarities" between herself and Stephenie (which similarities I totally do not see, incidentally, whatever the flaws of both of them may be), figuring that if Steph could do it (and by "do it," I guess she means "come in seventh"), she could too. People cheer, but it's not clear what about this would logically inspire cheering.

Jeff asks Gary about the fact that Gary definitely believed it was more than inspiration -- it was celebrity worship. Gary allows that he himself was a big fan of the show, and that Steph and Bobby Jon were two of his favorites. He thinks that they were able to use that to their advantage to some degree, which is just "smart play." Jeff says that this answer will not get Gary "off the hook," because apparently, Gary has shown some irritation over this in the past. Gary has told Jeff, it seems, that he thinks having recognizable faces around had a substantial impact on the game. Gary says that yes, for a while, people just enjoyed being around famous people, and were asking them all kinds of questions. He calls out the fact that Stephenie was on TV, and people just respond differently to people they're very familiar with from TV. Which he is completely right about, incidentally. You can tell that Gary is holding back quite a lot and being as tactful as he knows how to be when he says that "there were some people who were really, really glad [Stephenie] was there," and I think we have found the source of the animosity between Gary and Cindy, as well as the reason the show didn't explain it, fourth-wall-breaking as it would have been to see this conversation play out in front of the cameras.

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