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Li'l Li'l Failure

We open on Redemption Island, where night vision is in full effect. Semhar's Complain Train is also on full effect, and she sobs that her tribe sent her to Redemption Island even though she gave them her "every last strength." "Figures," she whines. When you put it that way, Semhar, it totally does figure. Semhar says she has "abandonment issues," which makes her decision to come on this show make that much more sense. "I don't understand how people can be so cold-hearted," she continues, completely forgetting that she is on a reality show where the goal is to eliminate everyone else. And then she decides to make herself feel better with some spoken word poetry, which her tiny crab audience really seems to enjoy even though she thinks "damage" and "stand it" rhyme.

The Semhar-less Savaii return to camp. John thanks everyone profusely for keeping him in the game even though they clearly were never going to vote him out in the first place, as proven by the unanimous vote for Semhar. John says he's going to have to try to be cool and mellow from here on out and not his usual panicky nerd self. Ozzy interviews that he decided to "let" John stay in the game because he respects his "passion." Didn't Ozzy respect Semhar's passion, like, the day before? While John sleeps, Ozzy and Keith talk about his usefulness in upcoming challenges and how they're assuming he'll be good at the puzzles because he's so smart. They then talk about Jim, who they also think is smart as well as a good worker around camp. They decide to try to pull him into their alliance. Keith interviews that he likes Ozzy and all, but he is aware that he's played the game before and wants to win it just as much as everyone else does. "I'm gonna have to watch him like a hawk," he says. We'll see if he actually does that.

Day 4 dawns on Upolu. Coach takes a walk with Edna and thanks her for being the only person on the tribe who was initially interested in getting to know him, which he has since repaid her by forming an alliance without her in it. He says Edna may not be an ally, but he still thinks she can be a friend. Wow, Coach is "I still want to be friends"-ing Edna. And since I'm sure Coach has been on the receiving end of that more than once, I'm surprised he'd do it to someone else. Coach then gets a little bit savvy about playing the game and tries to find out through Edna if Christine has the immunity idol. Edna says she knows Christine spent hours looking for it, but she hasn't looked at all today, which Edna thinks means Christine already found it.

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