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Li'l Li'l Failure

Finally, it's Day 5. Upolu's menfolk decide to try to fish, but unlike at Savaii, one woman insists on joining them -- Mikayla. Mikayla reminds us that she plays in a "professional women's football league" while neglecting to mention the fact that they wear lingerie and have team names like "Fantasy," "Sin," and "Temptation." She thinks the men see her as a "tough chick." While Li'l Li'l Russell, Albert, and Mikayla prepare to leave for their fishing trip, Coach randomly changes his clothes in front of them all. Li'l Li'l Russell doesn't seem to mind Coach flaunting his body because Coach is a man therefore not inherently evil. Mikayla continues that the guys at camp don't see her as a girl, but as a person who can do everything they can do and help the tribe overall because of it. Uh, yeah. I'm sure. Guys love it when girls can do the same things they can do. They especially like it when you can do it better.

So, while Mikayla flirtiously flaunts her body in evil ways by casting a net into the water, Li'l Li'l Russell cannot keep his creepy eyes off of her. He interviews that he does not like Mikayla and doesn't feel comfortable around her and how she's obviously trying to use her "seductive ways" to win like Parvati did. Li'l Li'l Russell says it's important to "get rid of" the hot girls as soon as possible. "Being a married man, I have to stay away from that kind of stuff," he adds. That's funny - I know plenty of married men who don't have a problem being around and working with attractive women. Maybe it's because they are actually attracted to and love their wives and so they don't feel threatened by someone else's beauty or are worried they won't be able to control themselves. "Ain't no chick in this world getting in the way of me, my family, and a million dollars," he concludes.

One chick Li'l Li'l Russell certainly doesn't have to worry about is Christine, although she would be attractive if she didn't have that nasty scowl on her face all the time. She's looking for the immunity idol again, while the rest of her tribemates stand around talking about her and how she's looking for it all the time and how dangerous that is. Sophie thinks Christine already found it, but Stacey says if she did, she didn't tell her. Christine does manage to find that clue that Stacey and her always-open, never-sleeping eyes missed. The clue basically says that the idol is hidden in a tree close to the beach. Christine is very pleased to have found the clue, but isn't sure what to do next.

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