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Li'l Li'l Failure

She won't get a chance to do anything just yet, as it's time for the immunity challenge! The tribes arrive, and Upolu members are not surprised to see that Semhar is out of Savaii. Probst is surprised to see that everyone on Upolu is eating what looks like a giant candy corn and asks what the deal is. Upolu Official Spokesperson Coach says these are pandanus fruits, which are supposedly delicious. I bet they aren't as delicious as candy corn. Also, how has this show filmed in Samoa like 8 times by now and we've never seen anyone eating that stuff before? It's probably poisonous and the entire tribe is literally going to lose the game of Survivor because of it. Coach says that "the team that eats pandanus together, sticks together. And wins together." Savaii is like "whatever." Probst decides to explain the challenge: four members of each tribe will run around a pole to unwrap a bunch of ribbons and release a key that will unlock the other four members, who will then move a bunch of crates around to release the largest one. The first tribe to get the largest crate on the finish platform will win immunity and comfort items. Upolu decides to sit Edna out due to her terrible fashion choice of a visor made out of paper, and the challenge begins.

The pole teams consist of seven women and one man. Guess who? Yes, it's John. Probst says go, and they're off. Upolu takes an early lead due to being amazing at unbraiding ribbons, while John gets caught up over at Savaii. Stacey grabs the keys and unlocks Coach, Rick, Albert, and Li'l Li'l Russell while Dawn takes her sweet time fetching the key ring, causing Probst to scream at her to "pick up the pace! This is not a picnic!!" Elyse finally frees Ozzy, Jim, Keith, and Mark to work on the puzzle, but they haven't fallen behind too much in the end, for the four Upolu men are stupid and may have made their puzzle even harder to solve for all of the time they just wasted on it, thus earning them a "pick up the pace!" from Probst. Savaii gets their final piece into place first and starts to shove it out of the puzzle, causing Christine's mouth to blur, which is more pleasant to look at than her usual expression. As Upolu moves their piece into the proper place, it's too late and Savaii get theirs to the finishing mat to win it.

Probst hands them their immunity idol, and no one is grinning more than John, for good reason. Savaii make a big show out of hugging their new blankets and towels on their way out. During the slo-mo walk of shame, Li'l Li'l Russell blames his tribe's cockiness for their defeat. That's weird - I thought it was because four of them sucked at sliding large crates around. But it's all good for Li'l Li'l Russell, who says he will now get the chance to get rid of Mikayla, a.k.a. the only person on their tribe who is worth anything in challenges.

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