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Li'l Li'l Failure

Over a symbolic shot of a rotten, fly-infested pandarua fruit, Coach calls his troops together again to discuss the vote. But there's no talking to Li'l Li'l Russell, who now says Mikalya is going tonight no matter what. He tries to swing Coach to his side by saying that Christine and Stacey are voting for Mikayla, even though he loves Jesus and Jesus never lied, but that was a lie. I guess it didn't take long for Li'l Li'l Russell to find a way to go against his rigid moral code after all. Shocking. Satisfied his job is done, he walks off, and Coach scoffs and dismisses Li'l Li'l Russell as an "amateur" before realizing that it's not good that he's allied with someone who will do or say anything to get what he wants. As the rain begins, he calls everyone over to speechify about how important loyalty is in this game.

Upolu arrive at Tribal Council. Probst does not hesitate to call on Li'l Li'l Russell to tell him about the first impression he believes he made on his new tribe, and Li'l Li'l Russell says he's sure the tribe responded positively to his incredible work ethic and pleasantness to be around. Probst then asks Coach about the first impression he made on his tribe, and Coach admits that he had a lot of work to do with them after losing the first challenge and because of the simple fact that he is Coach and has played this game twice before. But he thinks he's done that work, and now Mikayla is the target of some people on his tribe's vote, specifically Stacey and Christine's. Stacey and Christine, of course, have no idea what Coach is talking about, and protest while Coach and Probst exchange quips. Coach says it's all about the truth for him, and he doesn't want Mikayla to be voted out tonight because the tribe needs her in challenges.

Mikayla finally gets a chance to speak. Oddly grinning from ear-to-ear, she says this talk has made her "nervous" and "you never want to hear your name come up" but she "doesn't get" why her name would come up at all right now. That's boring, so Probst asks Stacey how she feels about all this. Stacey vehemently denies ever telling anyone that she wanted to vote Mikayla out, and says Coach is a big liar for saying that she did. Coach points out that he never said Stacey said anything -- just that someone told him she did, and he has no intention of revealing who it was. Christine and Stacey don't like this at all, and demand that he tell them. "Simmer down, guys," Li'l Li'l Russell says. They do not, which is too bad for them because he probably would have told them it was him if they'd given him a few seconds to speak.

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