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Li'l Li'l Failure

Albert finally interrupts them to say that he wasn't the one who told Coach they were voting for Mikayla. "Boop!" Stacey says, believing that this proves that Coach is making up his story about someone telling him that Stacey and Christine are voting for Mikayla. But that backfires on them when Albert continues that this shows how loyal Coach is, as he's refusing to give up his source because of it. Albert also suggests that all this paranoia is because of the hidden immunity idol, which I don't see the connection to other than mentioning it is a way to call Christine out.

Probst asks Coach about the idol search, and Coach says that it has been an individual one thanks to Christine kicking things off and setting the precedent by going off to look for it herself on the very first day. Probst asks Christine if Coach's repeated accusations against her here are making her nervous. Christine says they just show how threatened by her Coach is. "Totally," Coach grins. Probst gets a brainwave: could Coach and Christine's problems with each other go back to Christine's "temporary player" comment? "I think so," Christine says with fake sadness and an exaggerated tear-rubbing and motion before saying, again, that Coach is "temporary." "I love this girl," Coach grins, pointing at Christine and feeling perfectly safe in the game against her now that she's revealed herself to have little to no athletic ability or social skills.

Probst turns back to Mikayla and asks her if she has any plans to actually ask Christine and Stacey if what Coach said was true. Mikayla does now that Probst mentioned it, and Stacey and Christine vehemently deny wanting to vote her out ever. Finally, Li'l Li'l Russell decides to speak up and admit that he lied to Coach that Stacey and Christine were voting for Mikayla. This sets off a new round of overlapping angry comments from Stacey and Christine directed at Coach and Probst. "That was a lie! You see how the lie just came out?" Stacey says, while at the same time, Christine's all "do you see? I knew who I was voting for. It wasn't Mikayla -- ever." "Boom!" Stacey concludes.

After all that, Mikayla has almost nothing to say for herself, so Probst has to go to Christine and ask her if she has any idea what's going on with all the divisions in her tribe's "big happy family." Christine says that she thinks some of this tribe still is a big happy family, but she's not one of them and that's something she only now realized. Probst wants nothing more to do with someone that oblivious to what's going on and turns to Albert, asking him if he's worried that his tribe is in "such disarray" right now. Albert is really boring, so he just says a lot has come out tonight, but it's good when the truth comes out and people's true characters become apparent.

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