Hell Hath Frozen Over

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Back-Up Plan

Voting! Abi gleefully votes for Denise, but then can't fold the paper to get it into the urn. I think the editors love making her look stupid (or revealing how stupid she is). Penner votes for Denise and yells over his shoulder, "DENISE!" Everyone snort laughs.

Probst tallies the votes, and no one plays an Idol. As expected, it goes three votes Denise and three votes Penner, so it comes down to the final vote, which is for Penner, of course. He hugs Carter and then Abi stands up and asks for a hug too and Penner says, "No, I'm not going to hug anybody else." THAT WAS AWESOME! Abi totally thought she was Penner's new BFF instead of just a body he needed to get enough votes to do something. Great. As Penner leaves, he tells everyone, "Keep your sunnyside up and suck eggs!" I did not get that at all, but I read an interview where Penner knew if he told everyone to fuck off, it would get edited out, so that was his way of saying it. Then he whistles the show's theme song down the path and disappears, but comes back for one last curtain call. He's a performer until the end, but he just got too comfortable and complacent and wasn't willing to think through the next level. Charm can only take you so far; you need to back it up with a strategy.

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