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The Great Wall Has It All

Voting. When the voting is done, Jeff goes off to count the precious five votes. When he returns, the first vote is for Peih-Gee, then Todd, then it's all Peih-Gee, so she's going home. Todd openly cackles smugly, at which point we cut meaningfully to Erik, who looks like the smug cackling makes him want to barf. As Peih-Gee leaves, Todd seems to be performing for the likes of James and Jean-Robert as he waggles his shoulders in a chair-dance, as if he's done something really spectacular, rather than managed to finally get rid of someone he's had outnumbered for weeks. Jeff sends everyone back to camp with the usual words of non-wisdom.

In Peih-Gee's parting words, she says that she pushed herself, and ultimately they didn't want to go against her in F3 -- which is correct, according to what Todd said -- and that while she isn't getting a million dollars, she's richer than when she started. So that's nice. Now go eat something, and congratulations on keeping your hair nicer than maybe anyone's hair has remained, ever.

On Sunday's finale: Will anything happen that isn't already totally predictable? Who will be the assiest juror? Tune in and find out; it's the antisocial event of the season.

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