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The Great Wall Has It All

After commercials, we are with Amanda and Peih-Gee back at camp, and they are unhappy. Peih-Gee interviews that at camp, she "said some things that [she] probably shouldn't have" when she got upset about not going on the reward. She says she was frustrated by Denise suggesting she didn't want Peih-Gee getting stronger, because, "Hello? I'm still a person." Meanwhile, 34 days in that bikini (seriously, they're going to put her in the Guinness Book Of World Records for the longest wedgie) are taking their toll on Amanda, who is working on the fire, but ultimately stands, throws her work down, and paces with her hands on her hips. She's in tears as she explains that there's a lot of work already, and it's very difficult having to do all of it yourself. She says that the game is winding down, and she feels like three people are eating, and "I used to be one of those three, and now I'm not. So it's hard." I'm not totally sure what that means, even. Does she think her alliance is going on without her? Does she think she's been replaced by Denise?

At the shelter, Amanda and Peih-Gee have a little chat. "Why do you dislike me so much?" Amanda asks. Peih-Gee looks a little surprised, and Amanda repeats the question. Peih-Gee says she doesn't dislike Amanda. ["Not to borrow from the way-too-overplayed Juno trailer or anything, but that's just how Peih-Gee's face looks, Amanda." -- Joe R] Amanda says she feels like Peih-Gee always attacks her at tribal council. Peih-Gee assures her that there's no hateration going on, and says she's glad that they can spend some time getting to know each other. Peih-Gee interviews that she can respect the fact that Amanda decided to speak up, because she thinks they were having communication issues, and it's good that they cleared the air. The two of them go out into the woods and shake down some pears from a tree, and it looks like they find some limes as well. This makes Amanda very happy. Now, they just need triple sec and tequila.

And here are Courtney, Todd, and Denise low-fiving each other as their jet takes off. Todd lectures that Amanda won't mind, because "she understands that in the game, she's in a good spot with us." I really wish, as Survivo-nerd suggested after this episode, that Peih-Gee -- who basically has nothing to lose -- had just said, while they were all together at some point, "So, after me, which one of you goes at final four?" Because they all talk about it like the end of the game is F4. And there's another vote out there, and one of them isn't seeing the jury, and the other three of them probably know who it is, so one of them is a sucker. (I'm personally going with Denise, but you know that.) Todd also snots that Amanda can't do anything anyway: "What's she going to do, align with Peih-Gee and a bush?" Way to steal your material from Big Tom, loser. On the plane, Todd does his flight-attendant shtick, referring to the three people on the plane as "the three coolest people." If either of them is falling for any of this, she deserves whatever she gets. They drink some champagne.

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