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The Great Wall Has It All

Later, everyone's back at camp congratulating Amanda and, to a lesser degree, Peih-Gee. In an interview, Peih-Gee says, "I came so close to winning immunity again." And she's right; she did. She says she's pretty sure she'll go next, but there's always a chance she can turn it around, and she thinks Amanda is her best bet. For her part, Amanda interviews that she was glad to get immunity for the simple reason that it boosts her into the final four.

Courtney brings out the bag of rice, arguing that "there's not even a quarter of a cup of rice," which is absurd -- there's a cup and a half in that bag, at least. I don't really think Courtney does a lot of her own cooking. Todd chastises Amanda and Peih-Gee for eating too much rice while he was gone, which is really fucking nervy. It's Day 36, dude. You've had two straight reward feasts. If you have to go three more days on just fish, you can do it. God. Amanda interviews that it pretty much took all her restraint not to kick his ass for that one. She further says that she's been thinking about getting rid of Todd, and she kind of thinks he's a big snake, and she now has this personal bond with Peih-Gee (which she sounds like she's sincere about), so this might be the time to make a move against Todd. Of course...last week would have been better, moron. But Amanda says that she thinks maybe her best move is F3 with Denise and Peih-Gee. Those three women have a chat in which Peih-Gee says she's played her hardest to even be where she is, and she's proud of the game she's played. Appealing, I think, to Denise's "good person" ideas, Peih-Gee argues that she's been more "honorable" while Todd's been lying and backstabbing. Denise continues her exploration of Imaginary Land, saying she thinks she can beat Todd on the imaginary jury where she winds up when he and Amanda imaginarily decide to take her instead of Courtney. Amanda tells Peih-Gee that she likes her a lot and feels great about their day spent together. Peih-Gee knows she really just has to hope for the best, so she says she hopes the "three girls" can get rid of Todd. "I'd like to see that happen," she grins.

Elsewhere, Todd chats with Courtney, asking whether Peih-Gee is "lobbying at all." They agree that she isn't, and that Peih-Gee is clearly doing nothing to save herself, having surrendered all hope. Mastermind! Todd interviews that this is all working out great for him, and it's his dream situation, and blah blah. I really dislike him more and more, and while I don't care a lot what happens in this game from this point, I'd really rather he didn't win. He pronounces that he will be "pissed off" if he gets sent home. Well, I'd think. He says that if that happens, though, "big ups to them for figuring out a way to get rid of me." Dude. Nobody has to "figure out a way" to get rid of you. They had to figure out how to get rid of some people, but not you. You never win immunity, because you suck at challenges, so "figure out a way" just means "vote." They keep you if they choose to keep you; nothing you've done has made getting you out difficult if other people decide to do it. Arrogant little twerp.

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