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The Great Wall Has It All

Tribal council. When the jury is brought in, a necklace-free Peih-Gee smiles ruefully at Erik. Jeff begins by asking Denise about taking two people on the reward and leaving two. Denise says this was just so terribly hard for her. "Turmoil in my brain!" she says. Amanda looks like she wants to throw up her three teaspoonfuls of rice. Denise's explanation of taking Courtney is that Courtney hasn't been eating and hasn't been going on a lot of rewards, and her explanation of taking Todd is "I picked Todd." That is pretty convincing. Asked about the reward, Courtney complains about the food being "confusing," and how it wasn't beer and pizza, so it was "frustrating." Amanda and Peih-Gee make disgusted faces, and Courtney admits that she's a "Negative Nancy" about things like this. Jeff asks Peih-Gee why she looks disgusted, and Peih-Gee says she's "one of those positive people," so the jury and the remaining players, who are not supposed to be communicating with each other, make eye-rolly faces at Peih-Gee's expense, because it's as true as it's ever been that the only thing any of these people have accomplished in the last ten days that they can be proud of is that they've all found their own ways to avoid giving due props to Peih-Gee. The way she means it, though, is that she tries to appreciate things a little more than "the food at my reward was not to my specifications" would suggest, and that's probably fair, not that they'd give her any credit for it. Besides, James, Smiley-Smiles, she still beat your ass. If someone had handed her two immunity idols, she wouldn't have gone out in seventh place, and about that, I am a positive person, in that I am...positive.

Jeff asks Amanda about her first chance to "bond with Peih-Gee." Amanda says it was nice. Jeff goes to the "do you take people you think are deserving or people you can beat?" question, but Courtney says she doesn't understand how anyone can be out there for this long and not be deserving. Jeff asks Peih-Gee whether, after tonight, the people left will be the most deserving. Peih-Gee, clearly being baited, says that for her, being deserving is about fighting hard for your spot in the game. Unfortunately, she then goes down the path of talking about how she thinks people who get there "honorably" are better than cheater-liar-backstabbers, which is a horrible argument, and don't go there, Peih-Gee! Jeff asks Todd about deserving people versus people he could beat, and Todd says, kind of irrelevantly, that he thinks everyone hates him anyway, so he says he'd consider mostly who he can beat. For a mastermind, that was a terrible speech.

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