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Probst turns to Erik and asks him if tonight's vote is about keeping the tribe strong or voting down old tribe lines. Erik says "most of us" want to keep the tribe strong. I guess he's counting each individual hair as a tribemate. With that, they vote. Erik votes for Chet. Chet votes for Joel. So does Tracy: "this is because you called me weak one too many times." And because he's an asshole! Don't forget that! Joel votes for Chet and doesn't bother saying anything about it.

Probst comes back with the voting urn and asks if anyone wants to play the idol. No one does. Probst reads off the votes: one for Joel, which Joel smiles at, thinking it's Chet being spiteful, and one for Chet. Then, two for Chet. Joel nods. Things are as they should be in his universe. Then it's two votes for Joel, and he smiles again, probably sure that vote came from Tracy. Oh, but then...BUT THEN! Joel gets a third vote, and his smile disappears so quickly. While mine grows and grows! And I think that's a smile tugging at the corners of Chet's mouth as well! Joel gets a fourth vote -- which comes with pictures on it for some reason -- and this is where he realizes that he just got played. Probst reads off one more vote, and it's a fifth vote for Joel, a.k.a. "Truck," which means he's OUT! OUT! OUT! I can't believe it! THAT WAS AWESOME! I really, really thought Chet was gone for sure. I never thought -- it's just -- I can't believe -- CIRIE IS AMAZING! Oh, and doesn't she know it? Look at the smile on her face. Erik says good-bye to Joel and shakes his head warningly at his tribe. Probst extinguishes Unfrozen Caveman Firefighter's flame (IRONIC!!) and sends him off. That was GLORIOUS. Probst sends them off, saying this tribe obviously doesn't care about physical strength. Not when it doesn't help them win challenges, no. Why would they? There's a great moment where Tracy and Cirie stand up and meet each other's eyes and exchange an awesome smile/eyebrow raise.

And for his exit speech, over which we see that every single person voted for Joel except Joel and Erik, Joel says "the tribe picked...Chet. Over me. A little bit humiliating, insulting. I don't understand why you would want to keep somebody like Chet. It's just very, very confusing. I'm angry, I mean, I think I'd like to wring a couple people's necks right now but I'm stunned. I'm stunned." Aw, well, you won't be able to wring any of your former tribemates' necks right now because YOU GOT VOTED OUT, SUCKA!

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