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And here come the winds of change, followed by the rain clouds of change, as we head to the reward challenge. The "Favorites" are surprised to see Mikey gone from the "Fans," and even more surprised when Probst tells them it's time for a tribe switch. Eliza looks happy. James and Ozzy are not, with Ozzy swearing so much that his mouth becomes a blur. Okay, so, if Ozzy winds up in the other tribe but the idol is still at the Malakal camp, what does that mean? Does he lose the idol? Will the producers bring it to the new camp along with the rest of his stuff? It's a moot point anyway, as the players select rocks from a bag (with Probst admonishing some of them not to look when picking) to select team captains and Ozzy gets the captain rock, so he'll stay with Malakal. Natalie (whoever she is -- has she spoken at all yet?) gets the captain rock for Airai.

Ozzy and Natalie take their places and the picking begins. Natalie picks James, even though he hilariously tries to look inconspicuous, shrinking down to hide in the back of his tribe. Yeah, not going to happen, James. He's pissed. Ozzy picks Troy. There is no Troy. Ozzy must realize that his new tribe is better off with an invisible person than any of the "Fans." They figure out that he meant the Unfrozen Caveman Firefighter, who's so happy to be picked first that he doesn't care if Ozzy knows his name or not. James picks Alexis, even though he can pick any of the Fans, male or female (I think -- I didn't hear Probst say they had to pick opposite genders, and Ozzy did just pick a guy himself). Joel picks Amanda over Jonathan, probably not without some prodding from Ozzy. Alexis picks Jonathan, who slips on his way over to his new tribe and asks if she's sure about her choice. Amanda picks Erik. Jonathan picks Jason, even though he doesn't know his name. Erik picks Ami. Jason picks "Poverty," who is insulted that he doesn't know her name. And you'd think that a "Fan" like Jason would know how to pronounce past contestants' names, wouldn't you? I mean, she made it to the Final Five, like, two seasons ago. Ami loves a strong woman, so she picks Tracy. Parvati picks "KB" a.k.a. Kathy a.k.a. Kathleen, apologizing to Chet for leaving him for last. He doesn't seem to mind. Tracy picks Cirie, leaving Eliza. By default, Eliza goes to Airai and Chet goes to Malakal, much to Unfrozen Caveman Firefighter's dismay. "Oh my god," he mutters, not that quietly. As for Chet, he just says, "Chetty's here, Chetty's here!" which wouldn't give me too much confidence in my new tribe mate, honestly. The tribes get new buffs, and Erik takes a second to savor the smell of fresh clean things. And now it's time for the reward challenge!

The teams will split up into pairs that are tied together at the waist. One pair will then chase a pair from the other team through an obstacle course made out of pointy sticks, broken glass, and evil, trying to grab a flag of the running team's back. If the chasing team gets the flag in under a minute, they get a point. If they don't get the flag, the running team gets the point. The teams will take turns chasing and running, and the first team to get three points wins an awesome barbecue of steak, sausage, vegetables, spices, and wine. The contestants are so delighted that they all clap stupidly and wave their arms around. Well, they're starving. I'll give them that. There will also be no Exile Island.

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