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Crystal Clear

After a shot of a Mama elephant and her baby, which we've seen more than once before, we head over to Kamp Kota, where all is not well. They've got plenty of food, but not an infinite supply, and Dan seems to be eating more than his fair share. In fact, as Bob says, he's eating twice the amount of food as everyone else. Corinne's not pleased either, telling us that Dan seems to have decided that he needs fourth and even fifth servings of food, served up in a delightful lettuce wrap. She says they're going through their food supply at "an alarming rate" and, gets absolutely indignant with her arms folded as she says she's "sick" about all the food Dan is wasting. I have a feeling Dan is the reason why Fang's about to run out of rice. Which, by the way, I can't wait to see happen. Shouldn't it be happening soon? They only had that little box.

Speaking of rice, Kelly whines that she wants some. Matty is concerned that they won't have enough for the next nine days. Ken says they can either have two small meals a day or one larger one. Ace has an expert opinion about this of course, saying two small meals are better for digestion. Ken is worried about how much rice sticks to the side of the cooking pot and thinks they'll save more rice if they only cook one large portion a day. How about unsticking the rice from the side of the pot and eating it? Ken tells us -- whoa! What the hell is that on his thumb? Is that a fingernail? It looks like a claw! Why does he have a long fingernail like that? Is it for videogames? Is being good at videogames really worth having long woman nails? I wouldn't think so. Anyway, Ken says that in the beginning, everyone on Fang was really wasteful with the rice, so now there's a shortage. He says this as if it's not his fault, too, when I remember Randy trying desperately to implement some rice rationing measures and Ken not being very into that.

Meanwhile, Ace heads into the hut where Sugar is lying around and whispers to her that he thinks everyone knows she has the idol. "Why?" Sugar asks. Uh ... because Probst told them last night, maybe? Ace says he's almost positive they went through her bag, and she should have listened to him when he told her not to leave it in there because Ace is the smartest and bestest at everything in the world. Sugar just shrugs. Her total lack of caring about the immunity idol is such a stark contrast to Ozzy last season. Maybe this means she'll play it better than him, although I doubt it. Case in point: "Should I give you the idol?" she asks Ace. WHAAAAAT? Is she serious? "And if I don't play it, you'll have it later," she says. What does that even mean? If you want to get rid of the idol that bad, just play it at the next Tribal yourself, Sugar! And then get sent right back to Exile and find it again after the next reward challenge. Does she understand the concept of the idol? Is she stupid? What is going on? Ace is so shocked that Sugar would just give him the idol that he's momentarily rendered speechless. He finally says he's not asking her to do that. "If I'm not going to play it, I might as well give it to you," she says. Why isn't she going to play it? What is the matter with her? Does she think that she can't play the idol if other people know she has it?

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