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Crystal Clear

Fang returns to camp. Ace tells us that "a couple people died right at the end" of the challenge. Um ... what? All I saw was one guy stubbornly pushing the rest of his team out of the way because he thinks he's the smartest person there and therefore the only one capable of solving a simple puzzle. He puts the blame on Kelly and Sugar for slowing down at the end of their leg of the challenge. Even if they had been able to keep up the same speed, Fang still would have lost. In fact, much as I hate to say it, even if Probst hadn't handed Marcus and Dan the hint to climb on top of the obstacle course, Fang would have lost. They were nowhere near done with the flagpole when Kota won, and I think Ace would have been there all night trying to shove the wrong piece into the base. And yet, Ace insists with a condescending laugh that Kelly is going home tonight.

But when he talks to Matty, Matty's worried about Sugar having the idol come the merge, and wants to "flush" it out tonight. Ace assures Matty that Sugar can't play the idol tonight, although he doesn't tell him how he knows this and it doesn't really matter anyway. It's not the fact that Sugar has the idol that scares Matty, Ace. It's the fact that anyone besides Matty has it. So whether Sugar has the idol or you do, it's the same issue. Matty decides to trust Ace, and both agree to vote Kelly out tonight. Ace tells us that it makes the most sense to get rid of Kelly, even though he pretty much single-handedly lost the immunity challenge for Fang.

Crystal has other plans. She wants to try to blindside Sugar tonight. Matty shakes his head no. He says Ace wants to vote Kelly out tonight, and he agrees. Crystal says she wants Ace out. Matty says they can't get rid of Ace if they want to win challenges. Crystal points out that they haven't won a challenge since he arrived at Fang. Crystal tells us that she doesn't understand what Matty's thinking right now, since he's telling Ace everything and Ace isn't telling him anything in return. True, Crystal. She says she's very leery of Sugar and Ace, and thinks everyone else on Fang should be, too. But they aren't, since when she goes to consult with Ken, he also wants to vote Kelly out, saying it's their "safest bet." Crystal says she knows that Ace, Sugar, and Matty are voting for Kelly, but she still wants to get rid of Ace. Ken agrees that he trusts Ace much less than he does Kelly. Ken tells us that Crystal doesn't trust Matty, either, and he thinks she's onto something.

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