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Crystal Clear

So Ken goes to talk to Matty. He tells on Crystal, saying she told him she's afraid that Matty is going to flip to another alliance, but he reassured her that wouldn't happen. But Ken's not too sure of that himself. Matty doesn't do much to make him feel better, saying all they have to worry about right now is voting Kelly out. Ken points out that they could blindside Ace instead. Matty says he can't break his promise to Ace. Ken tells him promises are meaningless in this game, and especially with people like Ace. "He swore on his mother," Matty says, as if that means anything. Ken tells him to think about how much he can really trust Ace, and know that if they take Ace out tonight, they're somehow "guaranteed" to make it to the merge. Poor Ken. He knows how to play this game, but he's stuck with Matty who has probably never watched this show before and is a dumb as that rock ring he's carving for his girlfriend.

As Ken walks off with Sugar, he tells us that he doesn't trust Ace at all. He knows Ace has alliances back in the Kota tribe and he knows that Sugar will do whatever Ace tells her to. That makes him very dangerous. He's absolutely right, but that won't do him any good since the rest of his tribe is too stupid to see it. Surprisingly, Sugar immediately says she knows that people like Ace are all about blindsiding nice, sweet people like her. And yet, she gave him her idol. I don't get Sugar at all. Ken says he and Sugar should "stick together." Sugar asks if she should take her idol back from Ace. "You gave Ace the idol?!?!" Ken says, shocked beyond words. Every time Ken thinks this tribe is as stupid as it can possibly be, something like this happens. "Are you crazy?" he asks. He tries to spin things to make Ace look bad, saying that his insistence that Sugar give him the idol shows how he's manipulating her. Sugar says Ace never asked for the idol -- she freely volunteered to give it to him. Ken doesn't really know what to say, or if someone as stupid as Sugar could even spell Ace's name correctly if she were to write it down.

Ace and Sugar meet up in a field. Sugar tells him that she took her idol back from his bag to make sure someone else didn't get it. Can someone please explain the fucking idol rules to her already? What is she talking about? Does she think people are allowed to go into other people's bags and steal their idols? Then why wouldn't they have done that when they found the idol in her bag the first time? Ace says that's cool, and she won't need to play it tonight. She seems to totally trust that. Ken tells us that he made sure that Ace doesn't have the idol and Sugar does. Until she, like, gives it to that elephant across the lake for safekeeping. As Fang gets ready to go to Tribal, Ace says that Sugar has the idol again, and it's entirely possible that she's decided that she's gotten all the use out of Ace she can and will vote for him tonight. It's possible, but Ace very much doubts it. "Going in confident -- that could be the worst thing possible," he says. And yet, that's exactly what he's going to do.

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