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Poker In The Rear

Jeff asks J-R how frustrating he would find it to be in Peih-Gee and Erik's position, outnumbered by an alliance that predates your arrival. J-R stresses that he would be frustrated, because they are in such a very, very, very bad position as a result of their very, very, very bad cards. He makes a couple of poker analogies, deuce-seven off-suit in a no-limit blah bling blah. Surprisingly, J-R does not fasten upon the one poker analogy that actually applies, which is this one: if you're at the table and you can't identify the sucker? You are the sucker.

Asked whether he agrees about the hopelessness of his situation, Erik says that it's dire, of course, but that at some point, the people in Fei Long are going to start realizing that some of them are at the bottom of an alliance that's basically too big for this stage in the game. He's very much correct: six people, which is how many Fei Longs there are, is too many for an alliance when there are nine people left in the game. Erik says that if you know you're fifth or sixth in line, you might start making other plans. James, in an incredibly patronizing and asshole-ish maneuver, throws his hands in the air and starts laughing at what Erik is saying, even though what Erik is saying is entirely right. This is so dumb: James clearly has no understanding of endgame whatsoever, and it's incredibly annoying when people in a numerically better position created by other people's actions lecture about strategy when they clearly don't have any. If James and Todd were smart, they'd realize that what Erik is saying is precisely the thing they need to look out for. But they're idiots, and a smug idiot is a really hard thing to take.

Jeff asks Jean-Robert about the part where Jaime played her non-idol. He asks how "the notion that there could be a hidden immunity idol" changes the game at this point. J-R says that since he plays the role of "local jerk" (no argument), he's likely to get a vote or two at most tribal councils, but that means that if somebody breaks out an idol, he could go home. Jeff asks Amanda whether she honestly thinks it could be her every time, and she says yes, which is obviously false since she didn't bring her stuff. Pay attention, Amanda, and admit to what's already been demonstrated. Courtney has individual immunity, but with a "screw you guys," she announces that she's keeping it. When she votes for Jean-Robert, she says, "I hope this is the last time I have to vote for you." Heh. I don't know; Courtney is annoying with her artificial New York-iness, but at this point, she seems to have stopped complaining so much, and she's...kinda funny, in a certain way. Few people get less annoying as they get more skeletal, but I think Courtney is going in that direction. I kind of dig her refusal to belong to any club that doesn't really want her. Denise votes for Peih-Gee, saying somewhat apologetically that she was just "on the wrong tribe." J-R smugly explains to James that his good game is why they have to "send [him] packing."

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