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Poker In The Rear

Time to announce the votes. Of course, if you had a hidden idol to play, you'd play it now. Nobody does. The first vote is for Jean-Robert. Then Jean-Robert. Peih-Gee. James. James. James. Jean-Robert. Jean-Robert. And the last vote goes to Jean-Robert, so he's booted. Snuff! Bye, ya big jerk! Todd can't contain his smug glee and keeps mugging, giving him as good a poker face as Jaime ever had. Jeff announces that this vote means that "tribal lines are gone." Which...what? Except for Jean-Robert himself (you can't really expect a dude to vote to boot himself, JEFF) and Frosti, who's been on both tribes before the merge, the original Zhan Hu voted for James. The original Fei Long voted for Jean-Robert. What is he talking about? More like "tribal lines obviously remain in effect." I realize he's leading up to "this is a brand-new game," which is the next thing he says, but it's so patently untrue satisfying can I find it?

You know who looks unhappy? Denise. That's a story to watch; nobody thought to bring her in on what they were doing.

Next time: nobody likes anybody else. And: a twist! In J-R's exit interview, he uses more poker analogies and insists again that he was thrown out because he was "the best player in the game." Which, I'm glad he will see when he watches the show, is not something that anyone said or thought about him, ever.

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