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Poker In The Rear

When we return from commercials, the "brilliant" J-R, James, Todd, and Amanda are heading off to their feast, happy to have the time segregated alone and away from the entire group of people who might reasonably be motivated to get up to mischief. Interestingly, even when just walking around, Amanda now has to be blurred when seen from the back, so...apparently, she's showing a little more than she realizes. They're walking past people on their way to their dinner, so there are a number of Chinese men currently observing things she probably doesn't intend them to be observing. J-R observes that while he's not a fan of "romantic" things (he provides the finger quotes), he did appreciate the historic aspect of the village. And the historic aspects of the village appreciate all the fine asses being paraded through town, because even a historic aspect likes a fine ass.

The winners all sit down at the table, and J-R happily opens up their sealed scroll. "Idol clue!" he says. "There is a hidden immunity idol!" Everyone else at the table pretends to be surprised. J-R, the poker player and student of people, has absolutely no clue what's going on, and he reads off what calls itself "the final clue" to the idol. You would think this might cause him to realize that there have been other clues, but you would be giving him too much credit. On another note, the final clue refers to "the parth [sic] to your home." Way to go, clue proofreaders! Don't be discouraged; those four lines of doggerel a week would challenge anyone. J-R interviews that he was a little surprised that all these previous clues could be out there without his having known. The idea of playing poker with him appeals to me more and more, I have to say. J-R meaningfully reads off all the clues in order, as Todd smugly interviews that this was "funny," given that J-R is the only person in the group who doesn't already know the entire story of the immunity idols right up to where they are this very minute. Once they've all had some food, J-R asks what happens to the immunity clue now. Wouldn't want anybody to find it and take our idol! J-R -- thoroughly boomered by this point on what may or may not be traditional Chinese booze -- makes reference to the existence of an "American immunity idol," for which he is roundly ridiculed by Todd. They sort of come off equally poorly, since J-R bent his words and Todd is finding it a lot funnier than it actually is. Amanda double-smugly interviews about how much fun it was to watch J-R wonder about where the idol might be while knowing herself that the idols were gone. I hope the show is ready -- given that Todd, Amanda, and James are all feeling so groovy right now that they apparently have information to which the rest of us aren't privy -- suggesting that all three of them can win. It's kind of like college, where they tell you to look left and right and one of you won't graduate.

Back at camp, there's a big rainbow, and there are a lot of unhappy people. Denise dishes herself up some fish broth and interviews that she's "very upset" about the fact that she wasn't chosen and wound up left behind. "I'm big, I'm fat, I'm always the last one picked," she says. "It's been like that my whole life, and here it is again." Aw, Denise! I'll bet the kids love your Tater Tots! She tells us that she's now thinking maybe her erstwhile alliance will ditch her "when it gets down to the final seven." I have a hint for you, lady: there are only nine people left. You definitely need a better plan than F7. Anyway, she wonders whether she's going to be sent home before J-R and James: "I don't want to be that person." Hey, at least she's thinking about it. Denise tells the former Zhan Hus that she's still surprised that they took out Aaron instead of James.

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