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Poker In The Rear

J-R tucks the plaques away in the bushes, interviewing that he enjoys having a "trump card" nobody else knows about. Nobody else! Knows about the trump card! Heeee's the only one! He's Mr. Trumpy! King of trump!

Hae Da Fung, Day 24. James eats...and eats, and finally, somebody points out that on a tribe with nine people, he's eating about a quarter of the food. Someone estimates, and everyone else nods, that he eats more than twice as much as the others. "Dude, I'm hungry" is James's response. I guess the fact that everyone is hungry to the point where he's turning into a ham right this minute in someone's eyes hasn't occurred to him. In an effort to bolster his case, James compares himself favorably to J-R, saying that J-R just lies around a lot and therefore shouldn't need to eat much. J-R takes exception, saying that when he did the fishing during James's absence, he didn't eat more than his share. I'm not sure there's a good way to resolve this fight, because James is huge and was very good in challenges when they were working in teams. So up until now, there was probably a thing that they were all willing to feed him, because he was a help to the team. Now? Not really. He's not a communal resource anymore, so it makes sense that the food would suddenly tighten up, but that doesn't necessarily mean James is wrong for not picking up on that fact faster.

Todd interviews that everyone is driving him crazy -- he's tired of J-R in general and tired of James's endless whining about being hungry. In my favorite quote, Todd is all bitchy about the fact that James has two immunity idols and hasn't even offered to give him one. That is so goddamn glorious, because...guess what, nimrod? Smart people don't hand off immunity idols, and certainly not out of a general sense of obligation. You had leverage; you gave it up; you apparently didn't even extract a deal for yourself, for whatever it would have been worth. There are no frequent flyer miles in your future. Todd says that he would enjoy seeing "some craziness" go on at camp, apparently for reasons of...spite? Boredom?

Todd and Amanda get water together, and he complains to her that James is in this great position, almost guaranteed F4 with the two idols. I wonder how James secured such a fabulous position for himself. Hard to imagine! If only there were something Todd could have done to keep that from happening! Amanda still wants to get rid of Peih-Gee now and take James out next, but Todd points out that you can't take James out, ever, unless you manage to do it when he doesn't win individual immunity and doesn't play either idol. So Todd's idea is that, this week, if James doesn't win individual immunity, they should take him out by surprise, so that he won't play the idol to protect himself. Amanda interviews that the plan was supposed to be to boot Peih-Gee, then Erik, then Frosti, but now Todd is all hot for getting rid of James. To this end, Todd pulls Frosti aside and explains all this, telling him that he wants to blindside James at tribal council if James doesn't win immunity. They won't tell Peih-Gee, of course, because she'd tattle to James. She...would? I'm not sure she'd interfere in a plan to get rid of someone else instead of her. In a bizarre interview in which he's perched in a tree and turned to the camera at a jaunty angle like a lady in a shampoo commercial about to expound upon the joys of washing your hair with real eucalyptus, Frosti tells us that he's being viewed as a "swing vote," which he still hasn't figured out is actually a really bad position to be in, because you're expendable to everyone once you're integral to no one. Frosti tells Todd that he's down with the blindsiding plan.

Immunity challenge. Jeff brings in the group. They're all forced to approach him through a grassy, swampy area with muddy water up to their knees, and of course, Jeff chuckles at them, because he's so much cooler than they are with his platform to stand on. Frosti brings the immunity idol over to Jeff. The challenge today involves sitting on a barrel full of water that's positioned horizontally -- so you kind of straddle it like a horse. It's not secure, though; it can roll from side to side. It also has a hole in the bottom, so water will continually drain out of it, making it harder and harder to balance on it as it gets lighter. When you fall off, you're out. Last one left wins immunity.

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