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Poker In The Rear

Todd now meets with James and tells him that Jean-Robert is trying to get him punted. He explains that J-R is working with Erik, Peih-Gee, and Frosti, and thinks that Todd is with him, too, so he thinks James is going. But Todd proposes that they do in Jean-Robert instead. How dare anyone else try to have an idea! Asked whether they should tell Denise, James scoffs, "Hell, no," although it's not clear why that is at all. Amanda still wants to stick with getting rid of Peih-Gee and then getting rid of Jean-Robert next. She interviews that every time anyone talks to Todd, he changes his mind about what he wants to do. She is not so happy about the fact that he keeps wavering. She's very much correct that the more you keep changing the plan, the more vulnerable you make yourself. Courtney walks up, and they ask her whom she wants gone, clearly hoping they can get her to say she wants to boot J-R, they can then cast it as a favor when they do what they wanted to do anyway. Not playing along, Courtney shrugs and says that she doesn't really care; she'll do what they want to do. She interviews that, for no apparent reason, Todd switched the vote to Jean-Robert, so while she's pleased, it's not like she thinks they're doing it for her. Frosti wanders up, and they tell him the news as well. Courtney tells us that while she's going to enjoy it if people actually finally are ready to be rid of Jean-Robert, she can't help noting his position as "the Susan Lucci of tribal council" (heh), in that he keeps on getting votes and getting votes without actually being booted, so she'll believe it when she sees it. Good girl. James, meanwhile, says that he doesn't know whether to take the idols to tribal council or not, since he's hoping he won't have to use them. So he...won't take them? Even if he gets a terrible vibe at tribal council, which can certainly happen, he wants to be stuck without them? Not so smart, dude.

Tribal council. Jeff brings in Jaime, whose hair I don't like. The editing suggests that Erik is giving her a Meaningful Look, but I'm not so sure. Looks like a "hey," without the attached "how YOU doin'?" Jeff asks Courtney whether she would ever have thought she'd be there on the twenty-fourth day wearing immunity. As Frosti rubs her shoulder, Courtney admits that she would not have. She says good-naturedly that if she was going to win one, it would be one where winning would keep her out of the swamp. Heh. Jeff asks James whether he's nervous, being such a big physical threat and not having won immunity. James says that he's nervous, knowing he's a physical threat, but that "the talkers" are actually a much bigger threat than he is. Jeff then asks Peih-Gee about being outnumbered so greatly by the former Fei Long members. She points out that only she and Erik brought their gear, so apparently, everyone else is feeling safe. Ooh, I hope somebody gets sent home without their stuff. I love it when somebody gets sent home without their stuff! It reminds me of Marcellas!

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