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It's Night 3 and the Favorites just voted Francesca out. They return to camp, and Dawn tries to explain her vote to Brandon, since Brandon thought they were voting Andrea out. Dawn barely gets a word out before Brandon starts berating her. Here's what I don't get: Brandon was trying to vote out Andrea. How does he have the moral high ground here? It's not like Dawn tried to vote Francesca and Brandon stood up and refused to vote for anyone. He's just mad that he wasn't part of the alliance, but he's masking it as anger that they voted out a "good person." I'm already tired of Brandon and his immaturity and it's been two episodes. Dawn tries to have a reasoned conversation with an idiot, which is impossible. Brandon promises Dawn that she'll still lose, and Dawn doesn't mention that Brandon is on the losing side by numbers. I don't know if Brandon is ignoring that fact or if he hasn't figured it out yet. Dawn walks away, which is smart, but she also lets it get to her, which is dumb, and she starts crying AS USUAL. Because Brandon was MEAN. She needs to toughen up.

Brandon tells Erik that he's feeling "revengeful," which isn't a word. He says that he's thinking of "going Russell Hantz style" on his tribe. You guys, he is crazy. He has serious crazy eyes. Also, I'm sorry that he's only five feet tall, but he needs to stop overcompensating for that. Anyway, he promises the camera that he's going to play "dirty to the core" and "go out with a bang." He does his interviews like he's a professional wrestler doing a promo. It's annoying. If I wanted to watch wrestling, I would. I like to watch smart people outmaneuver one another with smarts and savvy, and Brandon is incapable of that. I guess every season needs a few dupes, but he's not even interesting.

The next morning, in the Fans camp, people are doing whatever people do when they're not at challenges: chopping wood, getting water, gathering kindling. Except for Shamar, who is just lying in the shade, looking around at all the worker bees. He interviews that he's "conserving energy." Look, I'm all for not working during the hottest part of the day. But how much energy does it take to wander around and pick up a few sticks? Or at least pretend to tend the fire? In these early days, people are just looking for an excuse to vote you out. Why give it to them? He interviews that he's been to Iraq twice, so he knows all about sitting in the shade and wasting time, and he thinks that once people see he doesn't care about the game, they won't consider him a threat. I...guess? It depends on whether people want to get rid of threats now or get rid of dead weight first. Laura and Allie talk about how Shamar is super lazy and they need to vote him off first. So it's at least on the table.

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