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The Specialist

Shamar actually stands up on two feet for a while. I imagine he's like a circus bear in that it's not his natural state, but he can maintain it long enough to get a treat of some sort. Anyway, he talks to Sherri, who looks a lot like a cut-rate Sandra Bullock from The Blind Side, if she'd been left out in the sun for too long. Anyway, Sherri tells Shamar that she's in an alliance with Mike, Matt, Laura, and Julia, and they want Shamar to join them. Shamar says he's in, so now they have six. Sherri interviews that it will be the six of them against the two couples, the "cool kids" alliance. Sherri advises Shamar to keep bitching about water and do what he does best, and she might not be visibly standing with him, but he needs to know that he's safe. I guess he's a decoy, so the majority alliance can pretend they're voting him out and actually blindside the cool kids. That's really smart. Keep an eye on that Sherri. Shamar likes that idea too. Sherri interviews that Shamar is her Phillip. In other words, he's the goat that she's going to take to the finals, because she knows that she'll beat him, and he'll deflect attention from her.

Over at the Favorites camp, Cochran talks to Brandon about his outburst. Cochran wants to create tribe cohesion. Brandon confesses that he was so angry that he planned to sabotage the camp, spill the beans, and throw challenges. But then he realized that he would be seen as a quitter and he has to think about his kids. Cochran does an interview where he's sitting in this natural rock chair out in the water that is about the coolest thing I've ever seen. I don't know if Cochran found this location or the producers did, but it's awesome. Anyway, Cochran says that it's "frightening" that Brandon can show extreme rage and then be incredibly pleasant, and he's so unpredictable that it's hard to trust him.

Phillip walks up on them and Brandon invites him into the conversation. Brandon wants to unite the tribe to all vote the same way. I don't think Brandon understands this game. He really just wants to be in the majority, but he thinks that's tribal unity? I don't get it. Anyway, Phillip says that he doesn't know if he can trust Brandon yet, but since he's Phillip, he couches it in an analogy about CEOs and middle management. Phillip interviews that Brandon is "narcistic" [sic] and he doesn't have any empathy, which Phillip finds crazy. Look, when PHILLIP thinks you are crazy? You might want to look into some therapy and possibly medication.

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