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Probst wants to know what Laura thinks, but she lies that she thought they were voting as a family tonight (no, she didn't) but she saw someone with a bulge in their pocket, and she looks right at Reynold even though she claims she doesn't want to say who has it. Probst notes that, and Reynold just pipes up and says that he does have the Idol, and apparently his pants are too tight, but he didn't know what was going to happen tonight, so he figured he should bring it. His alliance mates look stunned and shocked; he didn't tell any of them he found the Idol. Laura wonders why he brought it if he thought they were all voting together, and Reynold says it's Survivor 101 to bring an Idol if you have it. Michael agrees, and Reynold adds that he's now a target and the Idol is a "pocketful of kryptonite." What you may not know is that Reynold's dad was the original bass player for the Spin Doctors. Reynold claims he's going to play it tonight, and Probst asks if this is good news for Shamar. Shamar says that the foursome have targeted him from day one. Sherri says she's blown away by what's happening, but she's sticking with her original voting plan.

The voting begins. I don't think Reynold's revelation changed a thing, although it may have introduced doubt into his alliance mate's minds. Reynold doesn't actually play his Idol, which is smart but takes some balls. Then again, he thinks Matt and Michael are voting with his group. The first four votes are for Shamar, but the next six are for Allie, so she's going home. That's too bad; I was digging her off-the-shoulder Flashdance shirt. Guess the cool kids just found out that not everyone wants to be with them. It will be interesting to see if any of them try to join up with the other side or somehow think they can stick it out.

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